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Kingdom Identity
Kingdom Identity by Melody Dowlearn

Price: $14.99
Author: Melody Dowlearn
Subtitle: Rediscover Your Identity and Align Your Vision
Format: Paperback
Length: 168 Pages
Published: 2022

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Are you tired of trying to figure out your God-given purpose, or maybe you’ve given up altogether? Do you ever feel that you could or should have more impact? It’s quite possible that Heaven is waiting on you to discover and steward all that has been reserved on your behalf.

Join Melody, founder of The Identity Academy, as she takes you on a journey of rediscovering your kingdom identity so that you can engage your purpose, manifest the God dreams within, and advance the Kingdom of God within the earth.

Table of Contents:
Foreword by Chuck Pierce
Chapter 1: Vision without Identity
Chapter 2: What is the Kingdom?
Chapter 3: The Curiosity of Religiosity
Chapter 4: Where it All Began
Chapter 5: Own Your Original
Chapter 6: Reaching Back to Move Forward
Chapter 7: Follow Your Yellow Brick Road
Chapter 8: To Respond or to React?
Chapter 9: Engaging the Present
Chapter 10: Owning the Future
About the Author

About the Author:
Melody Dowlearn is the founder of Tri-dentity Coaching and Consulting and The Identity Academy. She is on a mission to restore the understanding of identity within the body of Christ. For the last twenty years, Melody has empowered and equipped others in the capacity of teacher, mentor, trainer, coach, and consultant. A natural born teacher, she loves tot take revelatory knowledge and make it practical for immediate application.