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Kingdom Authority
Kingdom Authority by Kynan Bridges

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Author: Kynan Bridges
Subtitle: Taking Dominion Over the Powers of Darkness
Format: Paperback
Length: 203 Pages
Published: 2015

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Even as a young boy, Kynan Bridges understood that he was not alone in this world. He sensed the presence of God, but when he rededicated his life to Jesus in 1996, he also encountered the dark side of the spiritual realm firsthand. For several months, he was tormented by nightmares, demonic attacks, and the spirit of fear. Little did he know that such demonic attacks on the mind and body were not unique to him. Many people in the church battle with the realm of darkness, yet they remain silent and therefore stuck in its throes, with no knowledge of how to achieve victory.

One night, feeling suffocated in his sleep, Kynan called on the only name he knew to call upon: the name of Jesus. Instantly, he was set free from the tyrannical grip of the devil. In that moment, he realized that he had authority over the enemy because the name of Jesus is more than a word used casually in Sunday school – it is the embodiment of the sovereign power of the kingdom of God.

Kingdom Authority provides deep biblical insight into the authority that you possess as a child of God. You will discover how to invoke God’s Word and the name of Jesus to gain victory over the enemy and take dominion over the powers of darkness and their torments, finding freedom from fear, depression, lust, sickness, poverty, and bondage of all types.

Table of Contents:

Foreword by Sid Roth
Chapter 1: Understanding Authority
Chapter 2: Knowing Your Rights
Chapter 3: Who Do You Think You Are?
Chapter 4: Bedtime Stories
Chapter 5: Darkness Defined
Chapter 6: Exposing the Enemy
Chapter 7: Called to Conquer
Chapter 8: Dressed for Battle
Chapter 9: Taking Dominion
Chapter 10: The Position of Power
Chapter 11: Breaking Demonic Strongholds
Chapter 12: Disrupting the Enemy’s Patterns
Chapter 13: The Shield of Faith
Chapter 14: Stand and Fight!
About the Author


One of the saddest situations ever encountered is a person who actually possesses great wealth but doesn’t have knowledge of it. Most of us have heard of elderly people who died in poverty, only to have it revealed upon their death that they actually possessed a bank account containing more than a million dollars, yet never accessed it because they didn’t know about it. Likewise, many believers have no idea of the authority they possess as ambassadors of Jesus Christ on the earth; consequently, they allow the enemy to bully them and control their lives. But no more! If you read and apply the revelation knowledge Kynan Bridges imparts in Kingdom Authority, demons and spiritual enemies will never be able to bully you again. Kynan does a masterful job of helping you understand exactly what authority has been given to you and showing you, practically, how you can use that authority. Don’t waste another day allowing the enemy to torment or hold you in bondage. Pick up this book, read it, and apply the truths within. Your life will never be the same!
Craig Hill, Founder, Family Foundations International

In Kingdom Authority: Taking Dominion Over the Powers of Darkness, Pastor Kynan Bridges shares powerful spiritual insights that will help the body of Christ step into possessing a place of authority over the plans and schemes of the enemy. You will grow by leaps and bounds as you learn how to sharpen the sword of the Spirit and take dominion over negative thoughts, strongholds, and sources of oppression. Be trained to walk in your God-given rights as a believer. Become the head, and stop allowing the enemy to steal your destiny. Be a victor instead of becoming a victim as you practice what you glean from Kynan’s anointed writing.
Barbie L. Breathitt, Breath of the Spirit Ministries, Author

About the Author:

Pastor Kynan T. Bridges is the senior pastor of Grace & Peace Global Fellowship in Tampa, Florida. Through his profound revelation of the Word of God and his dynamic teaching ministry, Pastor Kynan has revolutionized the lives of many in the body of Christ. Through his practical approach to applying the deep truths of the Word of God, Pastor Kynan reveals the authority and identity of the new covenant believer.
A published author and highly sought speaker, he is also a committed husband, mentor, and father to his three beautiful children: Ella, Naomi, and Isaac.