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Keys to Maximize Your Harvest
Keys to Maximize Your Harvest by Daniel J Haight

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Author: Daniel J Haight
Subtitle: The Parable of the Sower
Format: Paperback
Length: 172 Pages
Published: 2012

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This insightful book deals with the parable of Jesus that is the most important one because it holds the key to all His other parables.  As you gain spiritual understanding from the Parable of the Sower, you will learn how to bear good fruit and get ready for an abundant harvest.

Keys to Maximizing Your Harvest is about spiritual growth.  Many believers today are frustrated as a result of a seeming lack of answered prayer, a lack of results, and a lack of understanding regarding how the Word of God can work in their lives.  Daniel Haight addresses each of these issues with compassion, humor, and spiritual understanding.  

This book is easy to read, scriptural, authoritative, and personal.  It holds the potential to change your life in radical ways.

Table of Contents:

Introduction: How the World Works According to Jesus
Chapter 1: The Root Affects the Fruit
Chapter 2: The Divine Order of God
Chapter 3: Four Keys to the Harvest: Key Number 1 – The Seed
Chapter 4: Key Number 2 – The Season
Chapter 5: Key Number 3 – The Soil
Chapter 6: Satan and Soil
Chapter 7: Stony Ground
Chapter 8: Thorny Ground
Chapter 9: Good Ground
Chapter 10: Controlling Your Environment
Chapter 11: Preparing for the Harvest
Chapter 12: The Harvest
Chapter 13: Key Number 4 – The Servant
Chapter 14: Conclusion


My friend Dan Haight has written a masterful book which gives us powerful, practical keys concerning the harvest of God in our lives.  You’ll learn revelatory insights for how to live a more productive, bountiful life with an increasingly progressive harvest!  Victory does not come in a day; it comes daily.
Bishop Dale Carnegie Bronner, author and Senior Pastor of Word of Faith Family Worship Cathedral, Atlanta, Georgia

God’s Word is a storehouse of blessing and is our guide to a journey of purpose and success.  Yet many people travel through life, never unlocking this treasure of wisdom and provision.  In his compelling and insightful new book, Daniel Haight provides keys to understanding Scripture, helping people personally discover the power of God’s Word for daily living.  I encourage you to read this book, unlock the gift, and spend your days blessed by the treasure you find.
Dr. Dave Martin, America’s #1 Christian Success Coach and author

Keys have only one intended purpose – to unlock something and to gain entrance.  However, have you ever stood at a door trying to find the right key to fit that particular lock?  In Keys to Maximizing Your Harvest, Daniel Haight will lead you to identify the key to assuring that the hearts of people are unlocked and Jesus can have entrance.  Reaching people has just been made easier to understand and implement by the book you now hold in your hand.  You’re holding the Key.
Dr. Samuel R. Chand, author

About the Author:

Daniel J. Haight is an author and pastor.  He founded Celebration Family Church in Fort Myers, Florida.  He and his wife, Joselyn, have been in ministry together for more than twenty years. Daniel is an international conference speaker and an apostolic team member of Covenant Ministries International.  He has taught the Bible throughout the United States, parts of Europe, Africa, and the Caribbean.  
Daniel’s teaching style is straightforward, incisive, and often humorous.  He has a unique ability to share the truth of the Bible by telling stories that grab the attention of his listeners and readers.