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Keeper of the Keys
Keeper of the Keys by Thomas Schlueter

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Author: Thomas Schlueter
Subtitle: When the People of God are Ignited to Produce Cultural Transformation
Format: Paperback
Length: 182 Pages
Published: 2017

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We long for the Lord to visit us, to change us, renew us, save us, transform and heal us. In Keeper of the Keys, Tom Schlueter shares that he passionately longs for more than visitation. He wants the Lord to stay enthroned in our midst. If this is your desire as well, then rise up, Nehemiah! Seek the face of the Lord. Passionately pursue Him in prayer and worship. Rebuild the walls. Set the gates in place. Swing them wide open and declare “King of Glory, come in!” The Lord is looking for a place to swell. Why not among us? He is looking for one to open the door. Why not you? All He needs is a Nehemiah – a gatekeeper – a keeper of keys!

It is amazing that Nehemiah, a man in exile, would have such an intimate, personal relationship with God. In the midst of the darkness, God brought forth light to Nehemiah. Here was a man born in exile, born in the darkness of one of Israel’s blackest moments, but one who had an intimate, powerful relationship with God’s heart; and so, in his darkest times, God brought forth Nehemiah’s faith, his declaration, his destiny of rebuilding the gates and walls of God’s holy City. Pastor Schlueter exhorts you to come into your Nehemiah calling. Embrace it! God wants to transform the world you live in, and He is calling you in the same way He called a cupbearer named Nehemiah.

God is opening doors so that His kingdom can come forth into this earth. But He needs gatekeepers – those who will open the doors of His power, presence and transforming life to come into family, workplace, city, state and nation. You will discover in these pages that you are a Keeper of the Keys. He has empowered you to be a gatekeeper. Like Nehemiah and Peter, you have been given keys that will unlock the glory of the Lord in your region.

Pastor Schlueter’s heart for worship and his vision for authoritative intercession permeate his preaching and teaching. He has a gift for using everyday life experiences to illustrate Kingdom principles. You will gain from reading this book a new understanding of the authority God has given you and a deeper hunger for the heart and will of the Father.

Table of Contents:
A Special Second Edition Introduction
Chapter 1: The Season of Nehemiah
Chapter 2: The City and the Church
Chapter 3: Nehemiah: The Profile of a Gatekeeper
Chapter 4: The Cupbearer
Chapter 5: Examining the Walls
Chapter 6: Gatekeepers: Called to Build
Chapter 7: The Enemy Within
Chapter 8: It’s All About the Gates
Chapter 9: The Purpose of Gates
Chapter 10: Gatekeepers
Chapter 11: Acting as a Gate
Chapter 12: The Opposition – Part 1
Chapter 13: The Opposition – Part 2
Chapter 14: At the Threshold
Chapter 15: Set in Place
Chapter 16: The Finishing Pieces
Chapter 17: It’s 2017
Appendix 1
About the Author


There is no one better to write a book like this than Thomas Schlueter. Not only does he operate in this authority, the ability to communicate the authority of a gatekeeper in his writing is incredible. A gate is a place of establishing authority. We each have gates in our life and spheres that the Lord has given us to rule over. This book will assist you in learning how to rule at your gate. Nehemiah is a wonderful picture of an administrative leader who moved to restore a broken city and establish new authority in that city. Keeper of the Keys is a transformational book that I highly recommend for every leader.
Dr. Chuck D. Pierce, President, Global Spheres, Inc.

This is a day when God is speaking to His people, as never before, about transforming our cities. The number one biblical example of city transformation is the rebuilding of Jerusalem. In Keeper of the Keys, Tom skillfully draws out and analyzes the principles from the story and gives us practical directives for applying them today.
C. Peter Wagner, Presiding Apostle, Global Spheres, Inc.

About the Author:
Thomas Schlueter has been pastor at Prince of Peace House of Prayer, a strategic house of prayer in Arlington TX for 29 years. Pastor Schlueter obtained his Bachelor degree at Texas A&M before receiving his Masters of Divinity at Wartburg Theological Seminary. He received his Doctor of Ministry in July 2006 from Christian Leadership University in New York.
He serves as the Texas and South Central United States Regional Leader of the Heartland Apostolic Prayer Network directed by Apostle John Benefiel of Church on the Rock of Oklahoma City. He also serves as the Texas and South Central United States Regional Leader of the Reformation Prayer Network directed by Apostles Cindy and Mike Jacobs of Generals International.
Tom is married to Kay and they have three grown children: Josh and his wife Andrea, Katie and her husband Tim, and Amy and her husband Allan. The couple has four grandchildren.