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Jewish Jesus
Jewish Jesus by David Hoffbrand

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Author: David Hoffbrand
Subtitle: Reconnecting with the Truth About Jesus, Israel & the Church
Format: Paperback
Length: 220 Pages
Published: 2017

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What relevance does it have for us that Jesus is Jewish and what difference should it make to our faith?

In The Jewish Jesus, David Hoffbrand explores the answers to these and related questions in a way that is accessible to everyone.

As you see how Jesus lived, thought, and taught as a Jewish man, you will come to know Him like never before, and find that His teachings come alive in their original context.

This book will also help you:
  • Appreciate the Jewish context of the whole Bible, reconnecting the Old and New Testaments.
  • Rediscover God’s heart and purposes for the Jewish people and Israel.
  • Engage with God’s blueprint for the church as a unified but diverse community of believers.
  • Learn principles that will help you restore the Jewish lens in a way that enriches your faith.

Table of Contents:
Part 1: Reconnecting with the Jewish Jesus
Chapter 1: Who Is Jesus?
Chapter 2: Jesus the Man
Chapter 3: Jesus the Jew
Chapter 4: The Ministry of Jesus
Chapter 5: The Jewish Disciples
Chapter 6: Restoring the Jewish Lens

Part 2: The Truth about Israel
Chapter 7: God Created and Chose Israel
Chapter 8: God Loves Israel
Chapter 9: The Church Hasn’t Replaced Israel
Chapter 10: God Is Not Punishing Israel
Chapter 11: Understanding God’s Plan for Israel
Chapter 12: Israel’s Restoration

Part 3: Implications for the Church
Chapter 13: Restoring the Balance
Chapter 14: Principle 1: Humility
Chapter 15: Principle 2: Acceptance
Chapter 16: Principle 3: Identity
Chapter 17: Principle 4: Unity
Chapter 18: Principle 5: Service


There are few books as clear, simple, and profound in the way that The Jewish Jesus is. It is a significant contribution to the literature that seeks to restore an original context of meaning for interpreting the Bible that preserves the election of the Jewish people in God’s plan, while affirming the Church in its role with the Jewish people. It is accessible and can be understood well by most readers. We trust that it will have a great impact.
Dan Juster, Founding Director, Tikkun International Ministries, Jerusalem

David takes us back to the Jewish roots of Christianity and gives a much-needed biblical understanding of the importance of the Jewishness of Jesus, the centrality of Israel in God’s plan and purpose and what this means for the church today. Making profound truths simple, he writes with honesty, courage, and a great sense of humor, showing how these come together in an understandable and undeniable way. As you read, may you have revelation that changes your thinking, heart, life, and church as it has ours!
Clive and Jane Urquhart, Senior Pastors, Kingdom Faith Church, Horsham, UK

About the Author:
David Hoffbrand is a speaker, author, and musician, based in Brighton, England. He and his wife, Denise, are associate pastors at CityCoast Church, part of INC (International Network of Churches). David grew up in a Jewish family and has a passion to see the church reconnect with the Jewish Jesus and the Jewish framework for understanding the Bible.