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Immersed Into God
Immersed Into God by Andy Hayner

Price: $23.95
Author: Andy Hayner
Subtitle: Pouring Out the Life That Jesus Put Inside You
Format: Paperback
Length: 403 Pages
Published: 2014

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Get ready to experience the supernatural life that Jesus Christ pours into you and lives through you. Immersed into God plunges you into the revelation you need to experience “Christ in you the hope of glory.” If you are ready for a life filled with God’s love and power that impacts the world around you, Immersed into God will give you the Biblical and practical understanding you need.

You will learn to:
  • Experience the voice of God
  • Encounter God in the Spirit through your union with Jesus Christ
  • Heal the sick like Jesus
  • Minister in the power of the Holy Spirit
  • Unleash the power of your testimonies
  • Become a supernatural disciple-maker capable of reaching the unchurched
  • Enjoy God’s presence in your daily activities
  • Demonstrate the presence of the kingdom of God wherever you go . . . and much more!

Table of Contents:
Introduction – The Cry of Our Hearts
Chapter 1: God’s Love – Our Mission and Our Life
Chapter 2: The Supernatural Life of Christ – The Key to the Christian Lifestyle
Chapter 3: Let’s Get with It
Chapter 4: Your Jesus Stories
Chapter 5: Words of Supernatural Encouragement and Divine Insight
Chapter 6: Heal the Sick Like Jesus
Chapter 7: Winning Circles
Chapter 8: Cast out Demons Like Jesus
Chapter 9: Proclaim the King and His Kingdom
Chapter 10: Questioning Answers
Chapter 11: Baptizing Believers to Make Disciples
Chapter 12: Immersed into God
Appendix 1: Six Scriptures that are Commonly Misused to Object to Divine Healing
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Immersed into God is the go-to field guide to help equip all believers to actually do what Jesus did as His everyday lifestyle. Andy gives us solid biblical support and practical tools to answer any situation we may face as God’s “boots on the ground.” No more powerless religion but a Holy Spirit driven life in Christ. I will be using it as one of my discipleship resources.
Mel Wild, Senior Pastor, Cornerstone Church

If I read a book, I want to walk away from that book knowing how to do something that I was unable to do before reading it. This is one such book. It will help the reader to transition from a place of book knowledge to practical experience. If you’ve ever found yourself listening to testimonies of some great evangelist and wondered why the signs that Jesus said will follow believers aren’t following you . . . well, they can, and they will. If you’re a believer who is willing to stretch and challenge yourself a bit, then this book will help launch you out into your destiny. It embraces the simplicity that is in Christ. If applied, it will take you from a place of ineffectiveness to a place of practical application and substantial progress. The group exercises and assignments add a critical component to this book. It takes the reader from a place of passivity to a place of activity.
Cheryl Fritz, Founder, Inside Out Training and Equipping School

About the Author:
Andy Hayner mobilizes believers to walk in fullness of Jesus Christ worldwide. He is recognized for having a gift to impart a profound revelation of the believer’s union with Jesus Christ in a simple, understandable way. He has a passion for hands-on disciple making that has been developed over twenty years as a missionary, pastor, and a church planter. He is the founder of Full Speed Impact Ministries. He resides in Wisconsin with his wife and three children.