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Identifying The Hierarchy Of Satan
Identifying The Hierarchy Of Satan by Joy Schneider

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Author: Joy Schneider
Subtitle: A Handbook for Wrestling to Win!
Format: Paperback
Length: 284 Pages
Published: 2010

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Wise military minds are skillful in determining the strengths and weaknesses of their opponent. So it is with the confrontation between the kingdoms of light and darkness. However, you dont have to be a super warrior or have spiritual muscle to comprehend this book. Identifying the Hierarchy of Satan reveals the segments of Satans kingdom, and gives insight into how they operate. When the organization of Satans army is understood, then those who confront the enemy will be better equipped to overcome.

Knowing who in Satans kingdom you wrestle against, and their separate areas of expertise, will help you know how to pray effectively. Reading these pages will give you understanding of how Satan and his cohorts attempt to hide their operational tactics and strategies. You will more accurately discern your enemy and become more skillful as you grow as a soldier of the Lord Jesus Christ and a warrior in His kingdom.

Table of Contents


Chapter 1: Then Came the Rain

Chapter 2: Finding the Battle Fronts

Chapter 3: Understanding the Personality and Motivation of Satan

Chapter 4: Wrestling Rules

Chapter 5: How to Be Strong in the Lord and in the Power of His Might

Chapter 6: Spiritual Wickedness in High Places

Chapter 7: Rulers of Darkness Exposed!

Chapter 8: Rulers of Darkness Part 2

Chapter 9: Worship as Warfare

Chapter 10: Demons

Chapter 11: Powers or Authorities

Chapter 12: Principalities

Chapter 13: Fitting it All Together

Chapter 14: Abrahams Covenant

Chapter 15: Overcomer Blessings

Appendix A: Spiritual Wickedness in High Places

Appendix B: Why is the Baptism in the Holy Ghost Important?

About the Author

Joy Schneider has been an intercessor since her commitment to Christ over 35 years ago. Her desire is to see people receive Jesus Christ and to encourage them to step into the fullness of their destiny. In addition to writing, she teaches and works with ministry to Israel. She has two married daughters and seven grandchildren.