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Holy Spirit
Holy Spirit by Kevin Zadai

Price: $12.99
Author: Kevin Zadai
Subtitle: 60 Day Devotional
Format: Paperback
Length: 132 Pages
Published: 2022

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The Holy Spirit is a person; He is the Helper and was sent to us by the Father. The Holy Spirit will be with us forever to tach us and remind us of what Jesus has said and done (John 14:26).

Over the next 60 days, Dr. Kevin will teach you how to synchronize with heaven through your relationship with the Holy spirit, become a co-laborer and intimate friend of the Holy Spirit, hear His voice, walk in boldness, pray in the Spirit and by the Spirit, and become reliant on His daily leading. The Holy Spirit wants to be your personal advocate; He wants to encourage you and make His home in you. He wants to walk with you so that you fulfill your heavenly books!

Table of Contents:
Day 1: The Holy Spirit in You
Day 2: Praying Out the Will of God
Day 3: He is Trustworthy
Day 4: The Holy Spirit Knows Our Destiny
Day 5: The Holy Spirit Goes into Our Future
Day 6: The Just Shall Live by Faith
Day 7: The Holy Spirit Gives Us Hope
Day 8: You Have Full Authority
Day 9: The Holy Spirit is a Person
Day 10: You Know Him Intimately
Day 11: Diligently Seek Him
Day 12: The Resurrection Power in You
Day 13: Baptized in Fire
Day 14: He Reveals Himself to Us
Day 15: Spirit of Reality
Day 16: Spirit of Reality Part 2
Day 17: He Leads Us in Prayer
Day 18: The Holy Spirit Debriefs Us
Day 19: The Power to Enrich You
Day 20: The Key to Your Revelation
Day 21: Holy Spirit the Lawyer
Day 22: He Stays with You Forever
Day 23: He Stands in Your Future
Day 24: A Higher Vantage Point
Day 25: The Creator Lives in You
Day 26: Choose Your Words Wisely
Day 27: Be Imitators of God
Day 28: The Holy Spirit Wants to Shift Your Atmospheres
Day 29: Let the Spirit Dictate what You Believe
Day 30: Spoken Faith Activates the Holy Spirit
Day 31: He Sets You up for a Miracle
Day 32: Walk in the Spirit
Day 33: Into the Supernatural
Day 34: The Holy Spirit Unveils Secrets
Day 35: If It’s not from the Spirit, it Will not Work
Day 36: There is a Better Way
Day 37: The Enforcer of the Blessing
Day 38: Your Protector
Day 40: He Prays the Perfect Will of God
Day 41: A Move of God
Day 42: The Comforter
Day 43: The Voice of the Holy Spirit
Day 44: Changing History Through YOU!
Day 45: Jesus’ Personality Transforms You
Day 46: The Words the Holy Spirit Speaks
Day 47: Agreeing with Heaven
Day 48: Heaven is Coming to the Earth
Day 49: Refuse to Compromise
Day 50: The Spirit of Truth
Day 51: the Holy Spirit is Aggressive and Bold
Day 52: A Flash of Your Future
Day 53: The Case Against You is Closed
Day 54: God’s Voice is in You
Day 55: Vibrations in His Voice
Day 56: The Fruit of Your Words
Day 57: Speaking to Mountains
Day 58: Do not Grieve the Holy Spirit
Day 59: Don’t Put Out the Fire
Day 60: Hearing and Seeing in the Spirit

About the Author:

Dr. Kevin Zadai is dedicated to training Christians to live and operate in two realms at once – the supernatural and the natural. At age 31, Kevin met Jesus, got a second chance at life, and received a revelation that he could not fail because it’s all rigged in our favor! In 2016, Kevin retired from Southwest Airlines after 29 years, for the Father released him to begin a public ministry. He and his wife Kathi have been called to activate the body and impart kingdom truths to believers worldwide. Kevin and Kathi are moved with great compassion for God’s people and seek opportunities to bless children, widows, single mothers, and others in need. Warrior Notes reflects Kevin’s intimate relationship with the Lord and a desire to see His will accomplished on the earth. Kevin and Kathi are the founders of Warrior Notes and Warrior Notes School of Ministry, which is based out of Destrehan, LA, and how over 27,000 students worldwide.