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Holy Spirit Handbook
Holy Spirit Handbook by Mike Murdock

Price: $14.99
Author: Mike Murdock
Subtitle: What You Nedd to Know About Your Daily Companion
Format: Paperback
Length: 152 Pages
Published: 1990

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After nearly three decades of ministry and study of the Word of God, Mike Murdock has discovered something beyond power . . . the personal companionship of the Holy Spirit as a mentor. This unveiling came in the form of a visitation of the Holy Spirit on July 13, 1994, which launched a dramatic change for Dr. Murdock that continues to this day, which he describes as heaven on earth. This powerful volume contains uncommon revelation about the person of the Holy Spirit.

This is the handbook on the Holy Spirit that you have bonged for. Dr. Murdock has put together what will become the definitive resource for the believer on understanding the Greatest Mentor in the Universe. Topics include:

  • The Holy Spirit is a Person
  • The Function of the Holy Spirit
  • Honoring His Presence
  • The Power of Focus
  • The On-Board Consultant
  • His Fruit is Joy and Continual Peace
  • He Lingers Where He is Respected and much, much more

Table of Contents

Why I Wrote This Book

Chapter 1: The Holy Spirit is a Person

Chapter 2: The Holy Spirit is the Giver of Life

Chapter 3: The Holy Spirit Created You

Chapter 4: The Holy Spirit is the Author of the Word of God

Chapter 5: The Holy Spirit Alone Can Impart the Unshakable Confidence That Christ Dwells Within You

Chapter 6: The Holy Spirit Chooses Which Gifts, Talents and Skills You Receive from the Father

Chapter 7: The Holy Spirit Imparts Inner Confidence that You Belong to the Family of God

Chapter 8: The Holy Spirit Loves Conversation

Chapter 9: The Holy Spirit Can Provide You a Prayer Language that Nobody Understands but God

Chapter 10: The Holy Spirit will Reveal Specific Wisdom You Require for Living an Overcoming Life

Chapter 11: The Holy Spirit is the Source of the Anointing for Your Life

Chapter 12: The Holy Spirit Raised Jesus from the Dead, After His Crucifixion

Chapter 13: The Holy Spirit Decides the Timing of Each Major Testing in Your Life

Chapter 14: The Holy Spirit Intercedes for You Continuously

Chapter 15: The Holy Spirit is Keenly Aware of the Smallest Details of Your Life

Chapter 16: The Holy Spirit is Delighted When You Sing to Him

Chapter 17: The Holy Spirit is Your Only Source of True Joy on Earth

Chapter 18: The Holy Spirit is Your Only Source of True Peace

Chapter 19: The Holy Spirit Can Eliminate all Fear of Man

Chapter 20: The Holy Spirit Can Reveal Future Events to You Before They Even Happen

Chapter 21: The Holy Spirit Places an Uncommon Love in You for Unlovable People

Chapter 22: The Holy Spirit Decides Your Assignment, the Problem You Were Created to Solve

Chapter 23: The Holy Spirit Knows to Whom You Have Been Assigned

Chapter 24: The Holy Spirit is Necessary for Your Entry into the Kingdom of God

Chapter 25: The Holy Spirit Only Commits His Guidance to Those Who are True Sons of God

Chapter 26: The Holy Spirit will Often Warn You in Advance of Possible Danger

Chapter 27: The Holy Spirit is Grieved by Wrong Conversation and Conduct

Chapter 28: The Holy Spirit Critiques Every Moment, Motive and Movement of Your Life

Chapter 29: The Holy Spirit is an Enemy to any Rebel

Chapter 30: The Holy Spirit May Withdraw His Manifest Presence when He has Been Offended

Chapter 31: The Holy Spirit Shall Give You Strength When a Battle has Left You Weak

About the Author

Mike Murdock is in tremendous demand as one of the most dynamic speakers in America today. More than 14,000 audiences in 38 countries have attended his meetings and seminars. Hundreds of invitations come to him from churches, colleges, and business corporations. He is a noted author of over 125 books. Many attend the Saturday School of Wisdom Breakfasts that he hosts in major cities across America. His headquarters, The Wisdom Center, is located in Denton, Texas.