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His Fullness Received!
His Fullness Received by Paul Graves

Price: $14.99
Author: Paul Graves
Subtitle: Living Life Beyond the Veil and Victorious in the Kingdom
Format: Paperback
Length: 154 Pages
Published: 2016

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For God so loved that He gave, though in His giving did God give a little, a lot or all of Himself – through Christ, to every believer the very moment they believed? This is the question presented and scripturally answered in His Fullness Received. A question thoughtfully designed and interwoven throughout the pages of this book in hopes of encouraging new covenant believers to evaluate what they believe and why they believe it – pertaining to our identity in Christ and our purpose for living victorious in His kingdom.

Table of Contents:
Chapter 1: The Journey Begins
Chapter 2: The Fullness of His Joy
Chapter 3: More of God?
Chapter 4: More Anointing, Presence, Power, Authority?
Chapter 5: Disproving His Fullness Receive?
Chapter 6: Hunger and Thirst for Righteousness?
Chapter 7: Having Access to God?
Chapter 8: What are You Asking God For?
Chapter 9: Baptized at Birth?
Chapter 10: Are Signs and Wonders Enough?
Chapter 11: Living in the Fullness
Chapter 12: Kingdom Now
About the Author

We are in a pivotal time in the body of Christ where we are seeing an emerging breed of ministers who ae unveiling a purer understanding of all that the new covenant provides. Paul Graves is one of those ministers! His new book, His Fullness Received, is a reorienting book that will help you understand all that God has invested in the Saints. It is likely more than you have ever been told or are aware of. I loved reading this book. It continually showed me who I am as well as the greatness of the One who has sown His all into me. I rarely read books a second time, but this is one I need to revisit and reorient myself to its truth.
Brad Herman, The Arsenal Bookstore

His Fullness Received is a must read for all believers. This book will have every reader longing for the next chapter. It will stir up things inside of you that will launch you into walking in your kingdom authority, just like Jesus did. For the most part the church at large has lost its way, and His Fullness Received couldn’t have come at a better time to assist in helping the bride get back on track.
John Ferranti, Prophet, Author

About the Author:
Paul Graves is the founder of Bible to Life Ministry alongside His wife. Paul and Tracey carry within their heart a progressive message of truth, to which they vow to always share with others in love; a progressive present day truth, pertaining to a believer’s Identity and Purpose in Christ.