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Heavens Declare
Heavens Declare by William Banks

Price: $14.95
Author: William Banks
Subtitle: Jesus Christ Prophesied in the Stars
Format: Paperback
Length: 271 Pages
Published: 1985/2013

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Did God name the stars? What were the original names of the stars? Why was early man so preoccupied with the heavens? What did pre-historic man learn about God from the stars? What is the secret message hidden in the heavens? What significance does this message hold for astrologers?

This book is filled with amazing, documented proof of the earliest names of the stars, and the startling message contained in those names.

The deciphering of the star names has given a revelation from the heart of the intelligence behind creation. Research includes material from the British Museum dating back to before 2700 B.C.

A clear explanation is given showing that early man had a sophisticated knowledge of the one true God!

Table of Contents:
List of Illustrations
A Mystery Unfolds
How I discovered the Key
Where to Look
Why Were the Stars (Signs) Place in the Heavens?
How Can We Be Sure These Signs are Ancient?
How Do We Read a Circular Story?
The Sphinx Riddle
Part 1: The Promise Fulfilled
Part 2: Resurrection Life Received
Part 3: Kingdom and Judgment Established
The Twelve Labors
Salvation is Offered
What is the Real Value of These Truths?
What about Astrology?
Complete Map of the Heavens
Index of Star and Sign Names
List of Illustrations

About the Author:
William D. Banks attended the College of Wooster in Ohio and Washington University in St. Louis, receiving a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration in the latter 1960s. He completed ten years of extensive research on the subject matter for this book during the 1980s. since founding impact Christian Books in 1972, he has authored or edited books with more than 1 million copies in print.