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Heal Them All
Heal Them All by Cheryl Schang

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Author: Cheryl Schang
Format: Paperback
Length: 228 Pages
Published: 2005

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“Jesus healed them all.” These words from Matthew 8:16 hooked me years ago. Every time I studied healing, I kept bumping into this fact.

I searched the healing stories in the Bible for the secret, looking for a pattern or a formula. There seemed to be no common thread. One time Jesus spit and made mud; on other occasions He said, “Take up your bed and walk” or “Your sins are forgiven.” Many times He healed someone by casting out a demon. It seemed as if there was no pattern, but actually there was. He had a rhema word for each case. He dealt with the root issue on an individual basis.

In this book I present a method to bring healing to those who come to you earnestly desiring God’s touch. If they do whatever it takes and you do whatever it takes, you will see predictable, repeatable results.

Table of Contents:

Introduction to the Healing Ministry
The Ancient Door
Tim’s Story
Section 1: Healing for the Believer
Wounded for Your Healing
Roadblocks to Healing
Section 2: The Role of faith
Got Faith?
The Prayer of Faith
Use Someone Else’s Faith
The Breath of God
Section 3: Fixing the Error
Problem Scriptures – Old Testament
Problem Scriptures – New Testament
Paul’s Thorn
Section 4: Enemy Intelligence Briefing
The Agreement That Cost You Your Health
Breaking the Agreement
Body-Soul Connection
Other, Not So Obvious, Causes of Sickness
Section 5: How to Heal
The Healing Process

About the Author:

Cheryl Schang is the founder and president of Sozo International Ministries, Inc., which is dedicated to teaching believers to minister in the supernatural manifestations of the Holy Spirit, with an emphasis on developing prophetic, healing, and deliverance skills.

She is an ordained minister under the covering of New Life Christian Fellowship International, a non-denominational, charismatic ministry based in Jacksonville, Florida.

Cheryl was prophetically trained by both Dr. Bill Hamon and Prophet Randi Lechner and is certified by Dr. Hamon’s organization to teach prophetic ministry. She is the spiritual prayer network coordinator of Cindy Jacob’s SPN organization for Duval County. Her charity organization, Grace Foundation International, Inc., is recognized by the U.S. government as a provider of emergency provisions for the disadvantaged.

Cheryl earned a BS degree in international business with a concentration in Soviet countries from Jacksonville University and a Master of Religious Arts in Christian education from Jacksonville Theological Seminary.