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He Loves Me
He Loves Me by Wayne Jacobsen

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Author: Wayne Jacobsen
Subtitle: Learning to Live in the Father's Affection
Format: Paperback
Length: 203 Pages
Published: 2007

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Arsenal Note: We give He Loves Me our highest recommendation. This book will radically impact how you relate to God as well as how you look at life. We have received many testimonies of those whose hearts were healed from reading this book. If you dont trust God, or think that you have issues that block your relationship with Him, this book would be a great place to start seeing those areas mended and restored.

Do you find yourself picking through circumstances like children plucking daisy petals attempting to figure out whether or not God loves you? If you find yourself least certain of his love in those critical moments when you most need to trust him, there is hope for you.

Where? At the one event in human history that forever secured your place in the Fathers heart the cross where Jesus allowed sin and shame to be consumed in his own body so that you could freely embrace a relationship with his Father. There you will discover that what he always wanted was not the fearful subservience of slaves, but the loving affection of sons and daughters.

If your spiritual life feels more like performance than freedom, like an empty ritual rather than a joyful journey, let Wayne help you discover: A Father who loves you more than anyone on this planet ever has or ever will. A growing confidence in his affection for you through whatever circumstances you face. A vibrant relationship with him that will free you from the torment of shame while it transforms you to live as his child in the earth.

Table of Contents



Section I: The Relationship God Has Always Wanted with You

Chapter 1: Daisy Petal Christianity

Chapter 2: What Jesus Disciples Didnt Know

Chapter 3: Threatened with Hell

Chapter 4: A Father Like No Other

Chapter 5: Welcome Home

Section II: What Fear Could Never Achieve

Chapter 6: The Tyranny of the Favor Line

Chapter 7: What Shall I Give to God?

Chapter 8: The Businessman and the Beggar

Chapter 9: The God We Love to Fear

Chapter 10: The Most Powerful Force in the Universe

Section III: The Undeniable Proof

Chapter 11: He Loved You Enough to Let You Go

Chapter 12: Who Needed the Sacrifice?

Chapter 13: The Hen and Her Chicks

Chapter 14: What Really Happened on the Cross

Chapter 15: The Antidote for Sin

Chapter 16: In the Darkest Moment . . . Trust

Section IV: A Life Lived in Love

Chapter 17: Trying to Earn Points with Someone Who is No Longer Keeping Score

Chapter 18: So Sin Isnt Important to God?

Chapter 19: A Lifetime of Learning to Trust

Chapter 20: Shamelessly Free

Chapter 21: In Exactly the Same Way

Chapter 22: The Prayer God Always Answers

Chapter 23: Living Loved


For those of us who are longing to live loved, I cannot recommend a better follow-up to The Shack than this book. It is an exploration and adventure into the heart of the God we hoped was truly there, and who loves each of us in particular with an everlasting love.

William Young, author of The Shack

Be prepared to know God better and love him more. You hold in your hands a classic.

Gayle Erwin, author of The Jesus Style

Understanding Gods love requires not a classroom lecture but a long bath. In He Loves Me, Wayne Jacobsen fills the tub and invites us to soak in real life, the inner life of the Trinity. What Really Happened on the Cross is worth reading five or six times, then sinking quietly and deeply into its life-giving water.

Dr. Larry Crabb, author

About the Author

Wayne Jacobsen wanders the world helping people sort out how to live deeply in the life of Jesus. Formerly a Contributing Editor to Leadership Journal, he has written numerous books on spiritual intimacy and relational church life. You can find his blog, and articles at lifestream.org, and his weekly podcast at thegodjourney.com. He resides in Moorpark, CA with his wife Sara.