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God's Plan for Prosperity
God's Plan for Prosperity by Mark Gorman

Price: $14.99
Author: Mark Gorman
Subtitle: A Balanced Perspective on Financial Wealth
Format: Paperback
Length: 91 Pages
Published: 2004, 2006

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The central theme of the book, “God’s Plan for Prosperity”, is “The Four Types of Giving”: Tithes, Firstfruits, Alms & Seed, which Mark Gorman first taught in 2002. When they heard Mark’s teachings, many pastors asked if Mark had a book which taught these principles, so they could teach it to their congregations. That resulted in the writing of this book, published in 2004. Since then, several other ministers have started teaching “The Four Types of Giving” on their TV programs, in their own ministry conferences and churches, and on their websites, even writing books on the topic of “The Four Types of Giving”. For these well-known ministers to teach Mark’s principles, practically verbatim, from his book, is proof positive that this is a revelation from God for the Body of Christ. Many who have read this book have testified to major increases in their finances, after learning these principles and putting them into place in their lives, some reporting increases of several million dollars in a matter of months, by simply learning how to recognize their harvest. One man from South Africa wrote to us, saying that for years he wondered why he wasn’t receiving a harvest from his giving. But, after reading the book, he realized that he hadn’t been sowing seed, but instead, had been giving alms. Of the Four Types of Giving, alms is the only one that is not given to God, but instead, is given to man, so the return is not increase/harvest, but reimbursement. You will never see your finances or giving the same, after reading this book. It could very well change your financial future.

Table of Contents:
Chapter 1: How Much Money Should a Christian Have?
Chapter 2: Wealth
Chapter 3: The Rewards of Generosity
Chapter 4: The Four Types of Giving – Tithe
Chapter 5: The Four Types of Giving – Firstfruits
Chapter 6: The Four Types of Giving – Alms
Chapter 7: The Four Types of Giving – Seed
Chapter 8: The Four Types of Giving Explained
Chapter 9: Stop Thinking Like Dirt
Chapter 10: How to Own Your Harvest
Personal Note from Mark
About the Author


This book is more than a balanced perspective on financial wealth and we need that. It is a book full of knowledge, principles and revelation. Mark Gorman educates and imparts to the reader present day prophetic truth and this truth will set you free! This book is a key to unlock the doors to your financial prosperity.
Apostle John P. Kelly, President, Leadership Education for Apostolic Development

I wish that every believer today would listen to Mark Gorman. Nothing can shackle the spread of the gospel more than the insidious spirit of poverty that binds so many of God’s people. But God’s Plan for Prosperity is the answer! It will bring immediate deliverance to every reader who is willing to follow these clear biblical principles. I love this book!
C. Peter Wagner, Presiding Apostle, International Coalition of Apostles

About the Author:
Mark Gorman has been involved in public speaking for more than 30 years, speaking to crowds as large as 40,000. He is a minister, motivational speaker, teacher, recording artist, and author. Mark and his wife, Gina, along with their two children, reside in Nashville, Tennessee. Mark speaks extensively throughout North, South and Central America, Europe, Africa, Southeast Asia, Australia and New Zealand.