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God Heals Birth Defects
God Heals Birth Defects by Andy Hayner and Margaret Weishuhn

Price: $18.99
Author: Andy Hayner and Margaret Weishuhn
Format: Paperback
Length: 315 Pages
Published: 2015

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In this revolutionary book, you will discover solid Biblical truth that demonstrates beyond all doubt that God doesn’t cause birth defects – He heals them! You will also read firsthand testimonies written by parents from around the world who are seeing God heal their children from diagnoses such as cerebral palsy, autism, and down syndrome.

You will read of:
Doctors amazed by disappearing defects
Children moved to normal classes because they no longer qualify as “special needs”
Organs, bones, facial features, and muscles restored to normal function
Families restored to joy and peace by the truth of God’s grace

If you are looking for hope and practical Biblical answers that will empower you to minister healing to those afflicted with birth defects, then this is the book is for you!

Table of Contents:
Index of Frequently Asked Questions
Section 1: Biblical Foundations – Andy Hayner
Chapter 1: Does God Still Heal Supernaturally Today?
Chapter 2: Does God Cause Birth Defects or Heal Them?
Chapter 3: How Does God Heal Today?

Section 2: Healing Testimonies – Various Parents and Frequently Asked Questions – Andy Hayner
Chapter 4: Pit Bull Bites Back
Chapter 5: Dismantling the Diagnosis
Chapter 6: Blooming Like a Flower
Chapter 7: Adoption Road Becomes a Healing Journey
Chapter 8: Payback Time
Chapter 9: Fighting for God’s Gift
Chapter 10: God our Strength
Chapter 11: Now We’re Talking
Chapter 12: The Report of the Lord
Chapter 13: Speaking Life
Chapter 14: Fighting the Good Fight
Chapter 15: Finding Truth in a Detour through “Holland”
Chapter 16: Wholeness Emerging
Chapter 17: A Dove from Heaven
Chapter 18: Grandma and Grandpa Find Gold
Chapter 19: Confident in God’s Mercy
Chapter 20: Finding the Face of God
Chapter 21: Healing Starts in the Heart
Chapter 22: Witness to Supernatural Changes

Section 3: Letters from the Battlefield – Margaret Weishuhn
Chapter 23: Letter to the Parents
Chapter 24: Letter to the Church
Chapter 25: Letters to Spectators and Soldiers
Chapter 26: Final Charge
Chapter 27: What Next?
Appendix 1: Will God Heal through Any Believer or Just a Select Few?
Appendix 2: Prayers for Healing Birth Defects
Appendix 3: World Whipping Post Awareness Day
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About the Authors

About the Authors:
Margaret Weishuhn is the founder of Team Avalanche, a global ministry dedicated to mobilizing the church to heal birth defects in Jesus’ name. She is also the leader of a John G. Lake Ministry LifeTeam comprised of parents ministering healing to their own children diagnosed with birth defects. She and her husband have been married for almost twenty-five years and have five children.

Andy Hayner is the founder of Full Speed Impact Ministries, which is dedicated to mobilizing believers to walk in the fullness of Jesus Christ worldwide. He has over 20 years of Christian service, including Regional Director with John G. Lake Ministries.