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Give it Back
Give it Back by Kimberly Daniels

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Author: Kimberley Daniels
Subtitle: Breaking through the Enemy's Barriers to Reclaim
Format: Paperback
Length: 204 Pages
Published: 2007

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Have you ever tried to discern or figure out the crazy things that the devil sends to your mind? Forget it, because it can't be done! Don't even entertain those foreign thoughts!

Kim Daniels wants you to know some powerful principles for doing spiritual warfare that will prepare and equip you to step into greater spiritual authority to confront Satan and be victorious over him. Discover that:

  • Distractions are strategic assignments sent to break your focus.
  • Intellect and education have replaced the apostolic and prophetic ministries that were once displayed in the Bible.
  • Satan's power only operates by imagery and magnification.
  • When it comes to spiritual warfare, an uninformed church is a target for the enemy to attack at will.
  • God is calling us to put our finger on the enemy and squash him.

America is coming under an open heaven that has been closed in the past because of corporate national sin. The time has come to deal with witchcraft and divination (even within the church), demonic transmissions, the occult, binding and loosing, and so much more.