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Future of Us
Future of Us by Julia Loren

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Author: Julia Loren (Contributing Editor)
Subtitle: Your Guide to Prophecy, Prayer, and the Coming Days
Format: Paperback
Length: 218 Pages
Published: 2014

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Everyone wants to know what is going on in the world today. A pure desire to see the future often sends seekers into some dark places. Instead, The Future of Us reveals the vivid portrait that God is painting through the words of His messengers – the prophets.

The future is not written in the stars – it is safely hidden in God’s heart
Receive this fresh word for the church, featuring timely insights from respected prophets who are hearing the secrets hidden in God’s heart.
The future is not hidden from you – it is hidden for you!

The mysteries of the Kingdom were always meant to be discovered by God’s people. Start shaping your future by remaining intimate with the Father.

The future is your opportunity to transform your world through greater love and ministry impact.

Take your place in history, experience God’s heartbeat for the world, and shape the future by bringing His purposes to pass in your generation.

Table of Contents:

Book Disclaimer
Part 1: Prophetic Warnings of Disasters to Come
Chapter 1: Once in a Blue Moon: Prophetic Words about Natural Disasters – Julie Loren
Chapter 2: Disaster! Thirty Days and Counting – Julia Loren
Chapter 3: Practical Preparation for the Days Ahead – Julia Loren
Part 2: Prophetic Promises Around the World
Chapter 4: The Start of the Fourth Wave – James W. Goll
Chapter 5: A Decade of Realignment – Martin Scott
Chapter 6: A Field of Dreams or Nightmares? – Rick Joyner
Chapter 7: The coming Outpouring in Europe – Julia Loren
Chapter 8: Preparing the Atmosphere in the Nations – Sharon Stone
Chapter 9: The Road from Asia to Jerusalem – David Demain with Stephanie Muzyka
Chapter 10: The Great, Greater Awakening – Julie Meyer
Chapter 11: The Prophesied Hour of a Holy Generation – Shawn Bolz
Part 3: How to Change the World
Chapter 12: Your Role in the Days to Come – Julia Loren
Chapter 13: The America of Tomorrow: How Shall We Pray?
Chapter 14: Six Prayers that Change the World – Julie Loren, with Bill Johnson, Heidi Baker, Brannan Manning, F.F. Bosworth, Mahesh Chavda, and Leanne Payne

About the Author:

Julia Loren is the author of more than a dozen prophetic books calling the Church to greater love and anointing in the days ahead. She is also a Life Coach whose speaking ministry reaches out globally to help individuals reach their sacred destiny and higher levels of joy.