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Freedom from Fear
Freedom from Fear by Emma Stark

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Author: Emma Stark
Subtitle: How to Live in Victory in a Time of Crisis
Format: Paperback
Length: 109 Pages
Published: 2020

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You can be set free from the spirit of fear right now!

The Bible tells us that as Spirit-filled believers in Jesus, we are not called to operate under the bondage or oppression of a spirit of fear. Rather, through the power of the Holy Spirit, you can walk in the love, power, and sound mind of Heaven, even when the world is going crazy around you.

Fear is not something to idly brush off; it is a demonic spirit that wars against the people of God fulfilling their destinies on Earth. When we give place to the spirit of fear, we make decisions and begin to build our lives around what fear says, not what the Word of God says. We listen to fear, instead of God. This demands deliverance!

Emma Stark is a powerful global prophet and has seen thousands of people supernaturally delivered from a spirit of fear.

In this easy-to-use and interactive book, you will:
  • Identify the spirit of fear that is warring against your life and destiny.
  • Repent for partnering with fear and break its power in your life.
  • Receive self-deliverance as you renounce and reject the spirit of fear.
  • Experience spiritual, mental, and emotional freedom, plus peace and joy like never before.

The spirit of fear comes against every single Christian. Learn how to have the upper hand over the powers of darkness as you learn to recognize, repent for, and renounce any partnership with fear. You can stop fear in its tracks!

Table of Contents:
Introduction: Shaking: Our New Normal
Chapter 1: Jesus: The Supreme Power!
Chapter 2: Joy and Peace, Not Fear and Grief
Chapter 3: The Mindset of Deliverance
Chapter 4: The Business of Deliverance
Chapter 5: Top tips for Removing Your Demons
Chapter 6: Our Open Doors and the Prayers to Shut Them
Open Door One: Generational Issues
Open Door Two: Curses
Open Door Three: Personal Partnership with Sin
Chapter 7: What Now? After Care
Chapter 8: The Future: Setting the Tone in the Midst of Lockdown!
About the Author

About the Author:
Emma Stark is an Irish prophet known around the world for her authority and authenticity. A fourth generation Bible teacher, she communicates with a rare clarity, humor, and Celtic boldness. Emma is a core leader of the British Isles Council of Prophets and, with her husband, leads Glasgow Prophetic Centre and the Global Prophetic Alliance. Every year thousands travel to their center in Scotland to hear from God, receive freedom, and be equipped as prophetic warriors.