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Faith After Failure
Faith After Failure by Sandie Freed

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Author: Sandie Freed
Subtitle: Reconnecting With Your Destiny
Format: Paperback
Length: 194 Pages
Published: 2014

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Failure. It knocks at the doors of our lives and hopes to find permanent residence. The haunting words of our past . . . “you failed,” “you should be ashamed,” “you’ll never measure up” . . . resound over and over in our minds until we come to the realization that in God there is no failure! Every obstacle in life is an opportunity for our faith to be renewed and witness the miracle of God’s transforming power. God has never expected His children to be perfect; in fact, He seeks to prove His love and faithfulness by perfecting us as we walk through the challenges of life.

This book is all about the times we find ourselves in the pit of despair and are then equipped by God’s grace to move forward once again and experience complete fulfillment in Christ. There is no mission impossible for God. Pastor Sandie addresses such topics as: Unlock Your Destiny by Thinking Differently, When Doing Your Best Is Never Enough, The Failure to Measure Up, and When All Hope Fails.

Table of Contents:

Foreword by Bishop Bill Hamon
Chapter 1: Unlock Your Destiny by Thinking Differently!
Chapter 2: Being Built by God
Chapter 3: Knowing the Heart of God
Chapter 4: Elijah – A Man Just Like Us
Chapter 5: When the Disciples Failed
Chapter 6: The Failure to Measure Up
Chapter 7: When Doing Your Best is Never Enough
Chapter 8: When All Hope Fails
Chapter 9: The Power of Revelation
About the Author

About the Author:

Dr. Sandie Freed is an internationally recognized speaker and author of over twelve books. Her passion is to empower others to experience freedom in Christ and to impart life transformation to God’s people. Sandie always speaks from her heart, and her revelation and transparency will captivate your heart to shift into divine purpose. She releases a powerful anointing of healing and hope to those who have been held captive and is known for her “cutting-edge” prophetic ministry. Dr. Sandie Freed presently co-pastors with her husband, Mickey, at Lifegate Church International in Hurst, Texas.