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Exposing and Overcoming the Spirit of Barrenness
Exposing and Overcoming the Spirit of Barrenness by Glenn Arekion

Price: $14.99
Author: Glenn Arekion
Format: Paperback
Length: 171 Pages
Published: 2012

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Many Christians are unaware of the spirit of barrenness in their lives. It can stealthily slither into every aspect of life including your health, finances, emotions, family, and career. But there is good news! If you can expose this deadly spirit, you can break the chains keeping you from living the life God intended for you to enjoy.

Exposing & Overcoming the Spirit of Barrenness gives you all the tools, biblical support, and practical wisdom to break free from all that the devil throws at you to keep you from advancing in your job, your relationships, and especially your spiritual walk with God.
Five critical, life-changing keys are examined in exciting and fresh new detail:

  • Prayer – praying through; prayer life of Jesus; never give up
  • Praise
  • Prophetic voice
  • Planting a seed
  • Power from God
No Longer will you be controlled by the spirit of barrenness – you can lead a life of abundance and fruitfulness, beginning today!

Table of Contents:

Chapter 1: First Encounter
Chapter 2: Righteous but Barren
Chapter 3: First Prophetic Words
Chapter 4: Defining Barrenness
Chapter 5: Facets of Barrenness
Chapter 6: Exposing the Spirit of Barrenness
Chapter 7: The Patriarchs’ Barrenness Battles
Chapter 8: Five Keys to Break the Spirit of Barrenness
Chapter 9: Key 1 – Prayer
Chapter 10: Key 1 – Prayer, Continued
Chapter 11: Key 2 – Praise
Chapter 12: Key 3 – Prophetic Voice
Chapter 13: Key 4 – Planting a Seed
Chapter 14: Key 5 – Power from God
Chapter 15: Prayers to Break the Spirit of Barrenness


In his book, Glenn accurately exposes what the spirit of barrenness is and how to deal with its venom and toxicity. Each key in this wonderful book unlocks another door to living a life in abundance. God’s Word and work are powerful, and by following these few simple actions, you are well on your way out of a barren life toward a life that is filled with God’s abundance.
Robb Thompson, Senior Pastor, Family Harvest Church, Tinley Park

I have found Dr. Glenn Arekion to be filled with God’s Spirit. His revelation on how to remove the spirit of barrenness will jump off the pages of this book and transform your life!
Sid Roth, Host, It’s Supernatural

About the Author:

Dr. Glenn Arekion is a gifted teacher, a conference speaker, and the author of more than 16 inspirational books. With nearly two decades of experience, he travels the globe mentoring leaders, equipping business leaders, and ministering to believers who wish to fulfill their purpose in life. He and his wife, Rosanna, have two daughters and one son. They reside in the USA.