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Exploring the Nature and Gift of Dreams
Exploring the Nature and Gift of Dreams

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Author: James Goll
Subtitle: How to Understand Your Dream Language
Format: 8.5 x 11" Workbook
Length: 169 Pages
Published: 2006

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Exploring the Nature and Gift of Dreams equips you for a greater understanding of the language of dreams, and grounds you in the Word of God concerning dreams and how to interpret them.

This key to unlocking your gift of dreams explores:

  • Cultivating a culture for revelation
  • Dream drainers
  • Dream busters
  • Why God seems silent
  • How to cultivate the realm of the prophetic in your life

He (Daniel) was very smart, and he had knowledge and understanding. He could explain dreams and secrets. He could solve very difficult problems. Call for Daniel. He is the one who will tell you what (the writing on the wall) means! Daniel 5:12 PEB

Go exploring today for the dream language that is uniquely yours a gift from your heavenly Father.

Table of Contents


Part 1: Building the Framework

Lesson 1: The Master Dream Weaver

Lesson 2: My Personal Dream Journal

Lesson 3: Learning Your Spiritual Alphabet

Lesson 4: Creating a Culture for Revelation

Part 2: Learning the Vocabulary

Lesson 5: Dreams Work!

Lesson 6: The Diversity of Dreams

Lesson 7: Understanding the Dreams You Dream

Lesson 8: Properly Interpreting Dreams

Part 3: Waling in Wisdom

Lesson 9: Stops Along the Way

Lesson 10: Journaling as a Tool for Retaining Revelation

Lesson 11: When God Seems Silent

Lesson 12: Handling Dreams with Wisdom

Answers to the Reflection Questions

Recommended Reading

Index of Dream Symbols and Types


James and Michal Ann Goll have blessed us with vital truths and living examples to understand and fulfill dreams. The reader will discover the real purpose and meaning of dreams. Biblical and practical guidelines are given to help an individual discern whether the dream was divinely given and how to properly apply its meaning. James and Michal Ann, thanks for helping us to understand and fulfill our spiritual dreams.

Dr. Bill Hamon, Apostle, Bishop of Christian International Ministries Network

Everyone is dreaming! Its just one of the languages of Heaven. If we are to interpret the signs and the times then we need master technicians to help us. It has been my great pleasure to know and work with James and Michal Ann Goll. I cannot think of anyone more spiritually prepared or experience in the pragmatics of dream language than this couple. I have heard them teach on intrinsic and extrinsic dreams in particular . . . brilliant! That alone is worth the price of this book. If youre a dreamer, then interpreting dream language is a must. This is a book that will put wings under the feet of the process that you need to move quickly into that new land of the Spirit that awaits.

Graham Cooke

About the Author

James W. Goll is the president of Encounters Network, Director of PrayerStorm, and coordinates Encounters Alliance, a coalition of leaders. He has shared Jesus in more than 40 nations and has authored numerous books including The Seer, Dream Language, and Angelic Encounters. James and Michal Ann were married for over 32 years until her graduation into Heaven in the fall of 2008. They had four children.