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Experiencing the Father's Embrace through Loss & Grief
Experiencing the Father's Embrace through Loss & Grief by Trisha Frost

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Author: Trisha Frost
Subtitle: Finding Unbroken Courage in Times of Crisis
Format: Paperback
Length: 169 Pages
Published: 2021

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Loss affects everyone and at some point, everyone will walk through a type of major loss in their lives. It might be through the death of a loved one, or the ending of a relationship, or losing a job, etc.

The choices we make in how we deal with loss will have a direct impact on our path and journey in life. In the midst of their crisis, the last thing grieving people need is to be told how they should feel during their process or receive a shallow response to their deepest questions.

More than anything, during times of loss, people need to experience the loving embrace of their Heavenly Father. Trisha Frost transparently shares her own journey not just with the death of her husband, Jack, but with all the losses that surround losing someone so close to you in life. With tenderness and care, Trisha walks the reader through her path of grieving the losses. Her story and the stories of others’ losses will motivate you to not allow loss to dictate your destiny for the rest of your life and instead draw you into the loving embrace of Father God.

If you or someone you love has suffered loss, Experiencing the Father’s Embrace in Loss and Grief will be an indispensable resource and a deep comfort through the sorrow!

Table of Contents:
Part 1: The Story of My Personal Loss
Chapter 1: Life in the Hood – Widowhood
Chapter 2: Diagnosis of Prognosis: Experiencing the Unexpected and Unexplainable
Chapter 3: Labeled: The Ultimate Injustice
Chapter 4: Which Way Did They Go? Dealing with Abandonment and Betrayal
Chapter 5: PTSD: Put That Speculation Down

Part 2: Tales form the Crypt: Other Kinds of Loss
Chapter 6: The Doorbell
Chapter 7: The Art of Forgiveness
Chapter 8: Throwaways

Part 3: Survive or Thrive: The Choice Is Yours
Chapter 9: A Place to Heal
Conclusion: That’s a Wrap

About the Author:
Jack and Trisha Frost experienced many things through the 35 years of their relationship: some joyful and exciting, others disappointing and wounding. They lived, loved, and fought their way into finally finding their destiny. From their life journey to find the love they had so desperately been seeking came a revelation of unconditional agape love that brought healing to their family and also to the lives of countless families around the world as they traveled and shared their story. With Jack Frost having graduated to Heaven, Trisha Frost has picked up the mantle and dynamically carries the healing message of agape, sonship in Christ, and the revelation of experiencing the Father’s Embrace. Trisha lives in Little River, South Carolina and is Nana to 9 beautiful grandchildren.