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Exercise Spiritual Authority
Exercise Spiritual Authority by Chandrakumar Manickam

Price: $10.99
Author: Chandrakumar Manickam
Subtitle: Successfully Triumph Over Demonic Powers
Format: Paperback
Length: 125 Pages
Published: 2009

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In the spirit realm there are two kingdoms: the kingdom of light, with God and its head, and the kingdom of darkness.  As a citizen of God’s kingdom, you have authority over the works of darkness and the power to put a stop to the devil and his demons.

Exercise Spiritual Authority shows you how to claim this authority you have in Christ, describing:
  • The basic truths and conditions necessary for exercising spiritual authority
  • How strongholds influence you and how you can overcome them
  • Action words that defeat demonic powers
  • The difference between demonic influence and demonic possession
  • How to confront the devil and win
An excellent tool for deliverance ministries, small groups, or for anyone who wants to take control of their spiritual life, Exercise Spiritual Authority gives you a faith that will oppose and overthrow every evil work that the devil wants to do.
Don’t be deceived!  You don’t have to live in spiritual bondage.

Table of Contents
Foreword by Dennis Balcombe
Chapter 1: What Is Spiritual Authority?
Chapter 2: Conditions for Exercising Spiritual Authority
Chapter 3: Action Words to Trample Down Demonic Powers
Chapter 4: How to Confront the Devil
Chapter 5: Transference of Spirits
Chapter 6: Demonic Possession vs. Demonic Influence
Chapter 7: How Strongholds Strangle Us

Professor Chandra takes a refreshing look at how to confront the devil through the lenses of wide biblical research and wisdom.  Even though he clearly draws on extensive personal experience in taking authority over demons, I never get the feeling that he is speculating and trying to exploit the mystique of the demonic.  Here is solid biblical insight!
Jan-Aage Torp, Pastor of Oslokirken, Norway

Professor Dr. Chandrakumar Manickam is a true teacher of the Word of God.  Exercise Spiritual Authority is a well-packaged, readable, and empowering resource to believers.  Prof. Manickam vividly recast Apostle Paul’s writing to the Ephesians on spiritual warfare (Ephesians 6:10-18).  Do you as a believer desire to stand against the forces of hell and emerge victorious in this wicked world?  This book will enable you to dress in the whole armor of God and victory shall be your portion.  This book anoints you for spiritual battle.
Francis Pascal Chali, Counselor, Embassy of the Republic of Zambia-Brussels, Belgium

About the Author
Dr. Chandrakumar Manickam is well known for his ability to awaken social and spiritual consciousness through his motivational speaking and writings.  In addition to authoring ten books, Dr. Manickam is a professor of theology, and he is the International Vice President of the International Graduate School of Ministry in Bellevue, Washington, and received his D.Min from United Theological Seminary, USA.  He speaks to thousands through radio, television, and print media in over 75 nations.  He has been well recognized internationally and has received several awards for his achievements and contributions in literature and humanitarian efforts.