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Evicting Demonic Intruders
Evicting Demonic Intruders by Noel and Phyl Gibson

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Author: Noel and Phyl Gibson
Format: Paperback
Length: 320 Pages
Published: 1993

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Noel and Phyl Gibson lay out clear guidelines for pastors and counselors on how to minister freedom to oppressed Christians.

Table of Contents

Part I: Satanic and Demonic Activities Examined

  1. Getting Acquainted
  2. Fitting the Demonic Jigsaw Together
  3. Satanic and Demonic Opposition to Jesus Christ and His Disciples
  4. Why the Deliverance Ministry Was So Important to Jesus Christ
  5. How Could We Have Been So Blind?
  6. What Satan and Demons Do to Deceive People About Salvation
  7. What Satan and Demons Can Do to Born Again Believers Today
  8. Demonic Oppression in the Local Church

Part II: The Source and Effects of Satanic and Demonic Oppression


  1. We Are All Slaves to Hereditary Bondage and Dominations
  2. Freemasons Curse Themselves, Their Families and Their Churches
  3. Rejection, the Masterpiece of Satanic Oppression
  4. Ethnic Traditions, Culture and Environment Can Cause Bondages and Dominations
  5. Chains of Humanism, Intellectualism and Rationalism
  6. Religious Spirits of Tradition, Prejudice and Pride
  7. Deliberate Sin - A Satanic Trap Baited With Temptation
  8. Partnership with the Devil Through Occultism and Witchcraft
  9. Satan's Greatest Infamy - Oppressing Our Children (part 1 ministry to children)

Part III: The Process of Setting People Free and Maintaining Their Freedom

  1. Check Your Credentials First
  2. Don't Limit God to Your Methods
  3. Guidelines, Warnings and Other Suggestions
  4. How to Set People Free Using Divine Authority and Power
  5. Demolishing Brick Walls (part 2 ministry to children)
  6. Follow-up and the Importance of After Care
  7. Be Warned
  8. Resources

    1. Appendix A: The Devil - His Names, Activities and Destiny
    2. Appendix B: Demons - Their Origin, Names, Activities and Future
    3. Use of the Charismata in Deliverance
    4. Bibliography
    5. Index


"Evicting Demonic Intruders is the best Guidebook we have yet found for ministering deliverance that lasts. We require it as a textbook for our Fuller students and for our deliverance seminars across the country."

Peter and Doris Wagner - Global Harvest Ministries

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