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Every Believers Authority
Every Believers Authority by Paul Graves

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Author: Paul Graves
Subtitle: Heirs of God and Coheirs with Christ
Format: Paperback
Length: 153 Pages
Published: 2013

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Every Believer’s Authority is more than just an informative book written about such topics as authority, spiritual warfare, and the supernatural. Within the pages of this book, you will find a New Covenant biblical blueprint designed and inspired by God to educate and empower all believers to walk in their inherited authority through the infilling power of the Holy Spirit. This message not only teaches believers who they are in Christ but the fullness of who Christ is in them – from a New Covenant perspective.

Table of Contents:

Foreword by Jonathan Welton
Chapter 1: When Will It Ever End?
Chapter 2: Delegated Authority
Chapter 3: Inherited Authority
Chapter 4: Regaining All Authority on Earth
Chapter 5: A Renewed Mind
Chapter 6: The Works I Do, You Will Do
Chapter 7: Divine Order for Godly Living
Chapter 8: The Gospel of the Kingdom of God
Chapter 9: No Longer Living In An Evil Age
Chapter 10: Without a Vision My People Perish
About the Author


Paul Graves challenges today’s believers to reevaluate many popular ideas and, as he points to the Scripture, to take a more biblical view of the Church and her future. As we come to embrace our identity in Christ and take hold of our authority in Him, we extend the Kingdom of God and overcome the work of the adversary. If you want to slap complacency in the face, Paul’s book will provide just such a jolt! As Paul points out page after page, as believers we already have all we need to reign in life through Christ Jesus.
Joe McIntyre, Author of Throne Life, Founder and Senior Minister, Word of His Grace Church

Gaining knowledge is the beginning of the acquiring of faith. First we must hear what God says on the subject in order to dispel our ignorance. As we hear, the faith to accept His truths and promises rises in our hearts (Rom. 10:17). That is why I love this book. Paul Graves does an excellent job of articulating very important truths of Scripture that have been overlooked by the Church for too long – biblical truths pertaining to the nature and authority of the Kingdom of Gad and the level of Kingdom authority God has provided for every believer. It is so vital that we move past any contemporary biases against the supernatural or errant doctrines – doctrines communicating the Kingdom of God as a distant, futuristic event or the gifts of the spirit as not for today. It is time we look directly to God’s Word for our source of information regarding our restored dominion in the earth. I highly recommend this book.
Jim Wies, Itinerate Speaker, Author

About the Author:

Paul Graves, along with his wife, Tracey, founded Bible to Life Ministry with a clear mandate to: bringing the Bible to life for others to see, receive, learn, experience, manifest, and teach. Paul participated in the International Apostolic Ministry School in 1996, and after graduating, he began to teach IAMS classes in the states and overseas. Paul’s ministry has lead him to South Africa, Nigeria, Kenya and also here locally in the USA.