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Encountered By God
Encountered By God by Carlos Sarmiento

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Author: Carlos Sarmiento
Subtitle: Why the Church Needs to Know Her True Identity
Format: Paperback
Length: 178 Pages
Published: 2013

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In the midst of deep compromise and moral confusion, the sleeping church is being awakened by the Holy Spirit to understand her true identity and the authority that’s been entrusted to her. Carlos tells the story of God’s encounter with him, radically quickening his heart and transforming his life and ministry in a single confrontation, 4:00 a.m. one morning. During the encounter, the Lord revealed to him certain prophetic core values that would help both the individual believer and the corporate Body of Christ to walk in clarity of identity and fullness of destiny.

Encountered by God reveals profound yet simple truths that will help you:

  • Know and enjoy God personally and intimately
  • Surrender your life more wholeheartedly to God’s purposes
  • Yield to the Spirit’s anointing and power to manifest the Kingdom of God
  • Be aware of the signs pointing to Jesus’ second coming
  • Understand how to partner with God in prayer, releasing hope and justice to the nations.

Table of contents:

Foreword by Mike Bickle
Section 1: the Heavenly Encounter & Revelations from God
Chapter 1: My Encounter With God that Changed Everything
Chapter 2: Key Heart Issues God in Emphasizing, Intimacy with the Eternal Godhead, The Kingdom-of-God Lifestyle, and End-Time Urgency
Chapter 3: It Is Time to Do & Manifest the Kingdom
Chapter 4: Our True Corporate Identity Before God and Why Your City Needs the House of Prayer
Section 2: Intimacy With God – “Son, Go Get Your Bride”
Chapter 5: Jesus’ Revelation of God as Father
Chapter 6: Jesus’ Dream & His Desire For Us
Section 3: Kingdom Lifestyle – “No! We Are Not Ready!”
Chapter 7: Living by Principles of the Kingdom – Matthew 5
Chapter 8: Confident in Who God Says You Are – Matthew 6 & 7
Section 4: End-Time Urgency – “Son, You Are Not Ready!”
Chapter 9: How God’s Kingdom rules in Our Midst Now
Chapter 10: What Will it be Like When Jesus Returns?
Chapter 11: How Jesus’ Day is the Hope of the Nations
Section 5: Spirit-Filled Life – “The Next Great Move of My Spirit”
Chapter 12: Get Reacquainted with the Holy Spirit
Chapter 13: The Urgent Need for a Spirit-Filled People
Section 6: Intercessions Power – “Lord, Show Me How to Get Ready”
Chapter 14: God’s Delegated Authority Through Prayer
Chapter 15: Agreeing With God to Shift the Heavens

About the Author:

Carlos Sarmiento is the founder and co-director of the Orlando House of Prayer in Central Florida. OHOP is a ministry, focusing on night-and-day prayer in the spirit of the Tabernacle of David. He is also the founder of the Forerunner Messenger Alliance, a ministry training school that licenses and ordains ministers to walk in the spirit and power of the forerunner anointing.