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Empowered for Your Purpose
Empowered for Your Purpose by Barbara Wentroble

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Author: Barbara Wentroble
Subtitle: Revised Version of: God's Purpose for Your Life
Format: Paperback
Length: 348 Pages
Published: 2014

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Like every person, you have the incredible potential to become one of God’s precious “called, chosen and faithful” people who help advance the kingdom of God as they allow Him to work in their lives and become all He has destined them to be. Sadly, while many are called, too few become the chosen and, ultimately the faithful. This book will help you become all three!

Barbara Wentroble urges you to press on with your journey! God will stand with you every step of the way through all times of testing and even warfare until you fulfill His purpose for your life. And having persevered, you can spiritually mentor those who are just beginning the journey, helping to take the Church to a new level and extend His kingdom on Earth, God is calling – be sure you’re listening!

Table of Contents:

Foreword by Dutch Sheets
Introduction: Called, Chosen and Faithful
Section 1: The Called
Chapter 1: Recognizing God’s Call on Your Life
Chapter 2: Responding to the Call
Chapter 3: Growing in the Call
Chapter 4: A Firm Foundation for the Call
Chapter 5: Called to Different Arenas of Life
Section 2: The chosen
Chapter 6: Why Is All This Happening?
Chapter 7: The Fourth Man in the Furnace
Chapter 8: Receiving a New identity
Chapter 9: Relationships for Destiny
Chapter 10: Overcoming Jezebel and Controlling Spirits
Section 3: The Faithful
Chapter 11: Breaking Out of the Old Place
Chapter 12: Transition Challenges
Chapter 13: New Level, New Devil
Chapter 14: Mentoring the Next Generation
Chapter 15: Eagles of God
About the Author


If you do not know what God has intended for your life, you will not achieve His destiny for you. Empowered for Your Purpose will give you the revelation and knowledge to take aim and focus on His perfect plan. I strongly encourage you to read this excellent book from the apostolic prophetess Barbara Wentroble.
Apostle John P. Kelly, Overseer, International Coalition of Apostolic Leaders

God’s call to each of our lives moves through a process of covenant alignment and our becoming faithful to the Creator of our life and purpose. Barbara Wentroble captures with simplicity this complex process. The call of God to anyone includes many tests of faith. Many times we give up the familiar, deny ourselves and sacrifice in ways that go against our understanding. If we choose to follow and become faithful, we are grafted into God’s covenant blessing. Empowered for Your Purpose is important for anyone to read, so they can understand where they are in God’s ultimate plan in their life. This book is one of the few books that transcend the generations. Anyone young or old at any stage of life should read this book.
Dr. Chuck D. Pierce, President, Glory of Zion International Ministries

It is obvious that as you read Barbara’s book you will see that she has experienced the battles necessary for the anointing. This book is filled with personal stories, both hers and those of other national leaders. I love it! What is so wonderful about Barbara Wentroble is that she is real and transparent. I recommend you get her book today!
Alice Smith, Executive Director, U.S. Prayer Center, Houston, Texas

About the Author:

Barbara Wentroble is founder of International Breakthrough Ministries, Breakthrough Business Network and Business Owners for Christ International. She provides a strategic alliance for visionary leaders and is gifted with a powerful prophetic anointing. Barbara ministers with cutting-edge teaching and revelation with a compelling breaker anointing. She is the author of eight books. Barbara is a registered nurse, has a BA from Christian Life School of Theology and a Doctor of Practical Ministry from Wagner Leadership Institute.

Barbara and her husband Dale reside in Lantana, Texas. They are the parents of three adult children and eight grandchildren.