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Dominion Surges
Dominion Surges by Randy Demain

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Author: Randy Demain
Subtitle: PRayers & Proclamations for Breakthrough in Your..
Format: Paperback
Length: 142 Pages
Published: 2009

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A new apostolic generation is arising! It is a generation of believers who are ready to move forward, overcome, and occupy their full inheritance. The trumpets of heaven are sounding forth the call to assemble; alliances for conquest are coming together to break through that which has been holding the church in suspension. Dominion Surges is an equipping manual for mobilizing the body of Christ into an offensive posture, restoring in us a sense of dominion and power over the enemy.

Dominion Surges will equip you to go forth and effectively expand the dominion of the King of kings and the Lord of lords in your personal life and where you live. It will teach you to speak what you believe in order that you may see it happen. It models how to combine the Word, worship, the prophetic, and prayer into one, unfolding our beliefs into words of action, intent, and pursuit. Get ready to experience breakthrough!

Table of Contents

Foreword by Patricia King


Part 1

Chapter 1: The Breakthrough Generation

Chapter 2: Alliances for Conquest

Chapter 3: When You Hear the Sound

Chapter 4: Prophetic Pressure Principle

Chapter 5: Preparation for Praise Pursuits

Chapter 6: Setting Your GPs (Glory Positioning System)

Part 2

Chapter 7: Identifying Your Terrain

Chapter 8: Warfare Prayers and Decrees

Chapter 9: Releasing the Weapons of the Lord

Chapter 10: Provision, Promises, Prayers and Pursuits

Chapter 11: Prayer and Proclamations for the Nations

Chapter 12: Ministry Preparation and Meditations

About the Author

Randy DeMain has been ministering the gospel for over 25 years and has a deep passion for the body of Christ to come into the fullness of their identity and purpose in Christ. Randys primary emphasis is restoring apostolic truth and practice in the lives of believers who attend his conferences and crusades. He is preparing the bride of Christ for the coming King. Preaching with a prophetic edge, signs, wonders and miracles accompany his ministry.