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Doing Healing
Doing Healing by Alexander Venter

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Author: Alexander Venter
Subtitle: How to Minister God's Kingdom in the Power of the Spirit
Format: Paperback
Length: 349 Pages
Published: 2009

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If you want to be healed, and especially if you want God to use you to heal others, this book is a must read.

Trillions of dollars are spent annually in the health industry in our daily battle with sickness. In Doing Healing, Alexander Venter gives us an awesome vision of God’s healing power by addressing incisively and provocatively the questions of:
  • How we understand sickness and healing
  • How our view of reality affects this understanding
  • What the Bible says about it
  • How Jesus healed people
  • How he authorized and empowered the church to heal

He then gives a practical “how to” in the six basic dimensions of human sickness: spiritual, psycho-emotional, demonic, physical, relational, death, and dying.

Table of Contents:
Part 1: Introduction
Chapter 1: Story: My journey of healing
Chapter 2: Worldview: The power of how we see things
Chapter 3: Definitions: A position on disease and healing

Part 2: Theology
Chapter 4: Theology: Understanding the kingdom of God
Chapter 5: Modelling 1: Receiving and ministering the kingdom
Chapter 6: Modelling 2: the secret of success in Jesus’ ministry
Chapter 7: Modelling 3: Principles and patterns in Jesus’ healing ministry
Chapter 8: Impartation: Transfer of kingdom ministry to the church
Chapter 9: Continuation: Healing ministry in the early church and church history

Part 3: Praxis
Chapter 10: Practitioners 1: The key factors in the practice of healing
Chapter 11: Practitioners 2: Working with the Sprit in the grace gifts
Chapter 12: Practitioners 3: Spirit intimacy, sensitivity and exercises
Chapter 13: Models: Healing models and a five-step ordinary believer model
Chapter 14: Method 1: Ministering healing to the spirit
Chapter 15: Method 2: Ministering healing to the emotions
Chapter 16: Method 3: Ministering deliverance from demonization
Chapter 17: Method 4: Ministering healing to the body
Chapter 18: Method 5: Ministering healing to relationships
Chapter 19: Method 6: Ministering healing to the dying and the dead
Chapter 20: Discernment: Evaluating spiritual phenomena in healing
Chapter 21: Commission: The church’s healing ministry: “Go . . .”

Appendix 1: Understanding Gnosticism
Appendix 2: Healing in the Old Testament
Appendix 3: The healing ministry of Jesus: Overview
Appendix 4: The book of Acts: Signs and wonders and the results

About the Author:
Alexander Venter was ordained to the ministry in 1975 and has planted and pastored churches in Zimbabwe, Cape Town, Johannesburg and Soweto. In 1982 he spent eight months working with John Wimber and is currently pastoring Following Jesus in Johannesburg. He is married to Gill and they have two children. Alexander has authored three companion volumes, Doing Church, Doing Reconciliation, and Doing Healing.