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Daniel Nash A Man Mighty in Prayer
Daniel Nash A Man Mighty in Prayer by Michael Yeager

Price: $12.99
Author: Michael Yeager
Subtitle: The Key to Revival
Format: Paperback
Length: 209 Pages
Published: 2019

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In the battlefields of the spiritual world, the true heroes are most often the unseen prayer warriors. These are those who touch heaven, who go to battle for those who mostly are total strangers.

They pull down the demonic powers by the authority of Christ in order for multitudes to be delivered from the powers of darkness. Such a spiritual warrior was Father Nash. He went before the famous Charles Finney in mighty prevailing prayer during the second Great Awakening. Finney in his writings literally attributes most of his success to the prayers of Father Nash, and those like him.

This book is about a man mighty in prayer and filled with truths and insight into others who have paid the price to bring about mighty and great moves of God. When we are referring to prayer, we are not referring to some type of religious ceremony. It is divine intimate fellowship with the Father, Son, and Holy Ghost.

It is that invisible umbilical cord connected to God. It is God supernaturally transfers into our hearts the overwhelming burden He has for those who do not know Him. What is it that we pray? We pray the known will and purposes of the Father! We pray the word of God within a biblical context.

About the Author:
Michael met and married his wonderful wife (Kathleen) in 1978. As a direct result of the author and his wife’s personal, amazing experiences with God, they have had the privilege to serve as pastors/apostles, missionaries, evangelists, broadcasters, and authors for over four decades. By God’s divine enablement and grace, Doc Yeager has written over 70 books and having helped to start over 25 churches. His books are filled with hundreds of their amazing testimonies of God’s protection, provision, healing, miracles and answered prayers.