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Dangers Of Alternative Ways of Healing
Dangers Of Alternative Ways of Healing by David Cross and John Berry

Price: $15.99
Author: David Cross and John Berry
Subtitle: Ellel Ministries Truth and Freedom Series
Format: Paperback
Length: 169 Pages
Published: 2010

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Many forms of alternative therapies are available today and this book provides fascinating coverage of what they are with clear guidelines on how spiritually safe or unsafe they might be.

The authors point to the early history and principles of alternative healing methods that enlighten the reader to the spiritual origins of new age healing practices. Many of these practices, including reflexology, yoga and acupuncture, to name just a few, have seen a rise in popularity even amongst some Christians. But are these healing practices spiritually safe and what are the consequences?

This book highlights the dangers and provides positive steps to take in the right direction towards true wholeness and well being in our lives. It will help those who have been involved in alternative therapies and want to free themselves from its effects.

Table of Contents


Chapter 1: Understanding the Alternatives

Chapter 2: The Age-old Search for Healing

Chapter 3: Whats the Attraction?

Chapter 4: Understanding the Roots

Chapter 5: A Closer Look at Alternative Diagnosis and Therapies

Chapter 6: A Closer Look at Alternative Medication, Exercise, and Martial Arts

Chapter 7: The Strategies of the Enemy

Chapter 8: Jesus The Safe Alternative

Chapter 9: Finding Freedom and Wholeness

Chapter 10: Walking in Safety

Appendix: A Summary of Some Treatments and Therapies Which Could Have Spiritually Harmful Side Effects

About Ellel Ministries

About the Authors

David Cross is the regional director for Ellel Ministries in Western Europe. He is based at Ellel Glyndley Manor near Eastbourne, UK. David and his wife Denise joined Ellel Ministries in 1993. Davids clear and authoritative teaching from Gods Word has brought understanding and healing to many who have been confused and damaged by the ideologies of todays world. David has written three other books in the Truth & Freedom series: Soul Ties: The Unseen Bond in Relationships, Gods Covering: A Place of Healing, and Trapped by Control: How to Find Freedom.

John Berry was an accredited Baptist minister for 33 years and before that was involved in running a group of building companies. He has been married for almost 39 years to Jennie and has two children and six grandchildren. John and his wife were called to Ellel Ministries Glyndley Manor near Eastbourne three years ago as wardens and team pastors. Amongst his various roles, John also works as a modular school manager, is a teacher, and is also a member of the Leadership Support Group.