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Daily Encounters with God
Daily Encounters with God by Guillermo Maldonado

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Author: Guillermo Maldonado
Subtitle: A Supernatural Devotional
Format: Paperback
Length: 190 Pages
Published: 2016

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Do you wish to have a more intimate relationship with God? Are you hungry for His presence? Do you want to do His will? Do you need a miracle today? Daily Encounters with God, a supernatural devotional written by Apostle Guillermo Maldonado, will lead you to know God as your Father, savior, healer, deliverer and miracle worker. In your Daily Encounters with God, He will reveal the attributes to His character and activate you in His supernatural power. Daily Encounters with God is not just another devotional; it is a supernatural devotional.

Table of Contents:n
1. Your needs begin when your relationship with God is broken
2. In the realm of the spirit, sin is considered Spiritual Gravity
3. Surrendering in the Spirit is allowing God to be God
4. We enter greater dimensions of faith through trust
5. When God calls someone for an unusual purpose, He takes them out of their usual environment
6. Jesus redeemed us to express Himself through us
7. Supernatural grace begins where human strength ends
8. The first step to following Jesus as His disciple is to deny your ego
9. Jesus conformed to our image so we could be transformed in His likeness
10. What changes a person is not their time in church, but their time spent in the presence of God
11. Christ is only Lord in the areas you surrender to Him
12. The more of myself I give to God, the more I have of Him
13. The uncrucified flesh is always an open door to demons
14. Grieving the Holy Spirit deals with character; quenching the Holy Spirit deals with power
15. A generation will not go beyond its life of prayer and fasting
16. Worship causes God to reveal Himself and manifest His presence
17. Faith was given to us so we could access eternity
18. Faith and fear cannot flow out of our heart at the same time, because fear blocks faith, and vice versa
19. What you conform to will define your way of thinking and living
20. The only ability God seeks in us is availability
21. If you don’t submit, God won’t commit
22. When you stop worshipping God, you also stop knowing Him
23. The evil you tolerate is the evil that destroys you
24. There is no relationship without an open heart
25. The supernatural was designed to be experienced first and then understood
26. When there is no knowledge or revelation of God, the enemy builds a stronghold
27. The flesh is anything not under the Holy spirit’s influence
28. Someone with an experience is no longer at the mercy of someone with an opinion
29. The cross is the base for God’s absolute provision
30. Jesus did not send out His disciples without first giving them power and authority to cast out demons
31. No transformation is permanent until we renew our mind
32. Jesus had to die to the fact that He was God almighty
33. We cannot see the manifested presence of God if we don’t seek Him
34. Spend hours with God and minutes with man
35. Demons enter a person when their spiritual walls of protection are down
36. God does not manifest where there’s no need of Him
37. The future is the eternal present postponed
38. Jesus carried our shame so we can share in His glory
39. We are an extension of Christ, and He uses our body to reach the world
40. Death to the “carnal self” grants access to the power and presence of God
41. Satan is destroyed, disarmed, dethroned, and defeated
42. When our heart is surrendered to God, He is willing to do anything for us
43. The will must be surrendered, the mind renewed, and the emotions healed
44. The highest level of worship is when we become worship
45. The glory of God is the essence of who He is
46. Order and priorities are part of the original intention of God’s government
47. Discipline produces admiration in others but passion is contagious
48. Our faithfulness and stewardship will determine our blessing
49. Common sense and reason will never produce a miracle
50. Humility and surrender are the greatest indicators that we have died to self
51. Our level of ascension to the presence of God is determined by the sound of our worship
52. Unforgiveness is a silent sin
53. We cannot rise above our level of surrender
54. We work under the anointing but rest in the glory of God
55. A generation that doesn’t embrace change will not impact the world
56. Preaching the gospel is limited to man’s will and our obedience to God’s mandate
57. In the spiritual realm, government begins by first ruling our own spirit
58. Humbling ourselves is a decision expressed through an action
59. The devil’s plan is to reduce the Church to the natural
60. The power of God is always present, but His power is not always received
61. Most mental strongholds are rooted in selfish desires
62. The presence of God exposes the individual’s spiritual condition
63. True worship reveals that the King is present
64. Only God decides whom He will bless
65. When we operate from need and not God’s purpose, we never have abundance
66. People tend to criticize what they can’t produce themselves
67. Knowledge is not truly a part of you until you experienced it
68. Responsibility is the first step to exercise authority
69. The power of God only falls where there is sacrifice, and this proves that what was offered is real
70. The condition of your heart determines the condition of your life
71. Faith is where the supernatural begins
72. The best compliment we can give God is to rest in Him
73. To fulfill our purpose in God, we must surrender our will
74. Many people will never see Jesus unless it’s through us
75. The enemy will destroy you in the area you lack knowledge
76. God is everywhere, but He doesn’t manifest in every place
77. Offenses take place in the heart, not the mind
78. Praise affirms the mighty works of God, worship acknowledges God as the person He is
79. Your mind has been renewed when the impossible now seems logical
80. Religion comes from not having an experience with God
81. How much we have of God depends on how much we have died to our self
82. Supernatural signs are guaranteed to those who go
83. Ego is the greatest obstacle between us and carrying out God’s will
84. When Satan sees love, he sees power
85. If we do not hear from God, we will have nothing relevant to say
86. Deliverance is a visible manifestation of the kingdom of God
87. The most effective way to respond when God’s presence manifests is to surrender to Him
88. When reason is absent, faith says ‘Present’, and when faith is present, God acts
89. The greatest tragedy in life is to lose the presence of God and not even be aware of it
90. We must know God to demonstrate His works

About the Author:
Guillermo Maldonado has authored over 50 books and manuals, many of which have been translated into other languages. In addition, he preaches the message of Jesus Christ and His redemptive power on his national and international television program which airs on TBN, Enlace, Daystar, and Church Channel; thus, reaching and impacting millions of people across the world.

Apostle Maldonado has a Doctorate of Philosophy in Christian Counseling from Vision International University and a Masters in Practical Theology from Oral Roberts University. He currently resides in Miami, Florida, together with his wife and ministry partner, Ana, and their two sons, Bryan and Ronald.