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Cultivating Prayer and Intercession in the Local Church
Cultivating Prayer and Intercession in the Local Church by Mark Jones

Price: $9.99
Author: Mark Jones
Format: Paperback
Length: 42 Pages
Published: 2002

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Dr. Mark Jones book Cultivating Prayer & Intercession in the Local Church is a dynamo in a small package. From his years of experience, personal and corporate observations, and mentoring of prayer warriors, layers of revelation and clear understanding open before the discerning reader. Wave upon wave of anointed illustration interspersed with plentiful scriptural proofs, combine to sweep one into the stream of intercession which is the writers passion. Far from dry, this brief but powerful treatise resonates with true devotion and an infectious spirit of the joy of prayer.

Table of Contents


Principle 1: Restoration of the Altar of Incense

Principle 2: Intercession: Not an Office or Gift, but the Function of Every Believer

Principle 3: Prayer: The Most Resisted Activity on the Planet

Principle 4: More Prayer is Better than Less Prayer: Removing Condemnation

Principle 5: The Prayer Journey: Growing in Prayer

Principle 6: Pray First: Developing a Lifestyle of Prayer

Principle 7: Creating and Sustaining Momentum: Releasing Power and Authority

Principle 8: Prayer Before, During and After: Providing a Prayer Covering

Principle 9: The Need for Prayer Activates the Need to Pray

Steps for Releasing Prayer in the Local Church

Prayer Leadership Qualifications

About the Author

Dr. Mark Jones graduated from Oregon Health Science University School of Dentistry in 1983 and continues in full time private practice. As an elder of City Bible Church in Portland, Oregon, Dr. Jones has taught personal evangelism at Portland Bible College and adult education at City Bible Church. He has presented his personal growth seminar, Right and Wrong Thinking, both locally and in churches nationwide. Along with raising their four children, Mark and his wife, Susan, oversee the Prayer Ministries Department of City Bible Church.