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Crown and Throne
Crown and Throne by Jon and Jolene Hamill

Price: $15.99
Author: Jon and Jolene Hamill
Subtitle: A Field Guide to Spiritual Revolution
Format: Paperback
Length: 235 Pages
Published: 2013

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A new move of God’s Spirit is now being birthed. Crown & Throne is a field guide for this spiritual revolution. Its content will inspire you in devotion to Jesus Christ, and equip you to be an overcomer whose life and prayers impact history. Discover how to become a spiritual revolutionary:
  • Encounter God’s heart in a fresh new way.
  • Shut the "gates of sabotage" in your life.
  • Access the hidden power of covenant.
  • Release God's justice through prayer.
  • Recover God's dream for America.
Nobody fights a revolution just to take ground. Instead, every revolution is fought to establish new government. Read and be empowered to stand before Jesus and release His Kingdom in your life and world. And remember…no King but Jesus!

Table of Contents:

Foreword by Cindy Jacobs
Introduction: The Crown and Throne Mandate
Chapter 1 No King but Jesus
Chapter 2 Prophetic Signposts
Chapter 3 Entering the King’s Domain
Chapter 4 Beauty Realm Breakers
Chapter 5 Your Crown and Throne
Chapter 6 Shutting the Gates of Sabotage
Chapter 7 Principles of Heaven’s Court
Chapter 8 Accessing the Power of Covenant
Chapter 9 Hosea’s Girl
Chapter 10 America’s Secret Destiny
Chapter 11 Repairing America’s Covenant with God
Chapter 12 Throne of David
Chapter 13 New Birth of Freedom
Chapter 14 Revolution! God’s Way
Chapter 15 Jezebel’s Table
Chapter 16 The Lamplighters
Appendix: Throne Room Verdicts
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Crown & Throne is an amazing book that you will want to read, reread, and recommend to your friends who love God and His Kingdom. Jon Hamill is a brilliant prophetic writer who has brought together an understanding of what God is doing now in spiritual warfare, worship, and prayer. Jon gives exhilarating examples of tangible results we are seeing that bring transformation and reformation to society. His prophetic insights are extremely encouraging for our future; we are winning! You owe it to yourself to gain this wisdom and understanding about our wonderful "King of kings" and His plan for our future.
Dr. John Benefiel, Presiding Apostle - Heartland Apostolic Prayer Network

Crown & Throne is a fresh, revelatory contribution to the prayer movement for this hour of history. Jon uniquely explores the heart of Jesus as our Bridegroom, King, and Judge, while imparting keys for breakthrough. It's enjoyable to read. Whatever your walk of life, you will benefit practically and be compelled to a greater devotion to Jesus.
Mike Bickle, Director, International House of Prayer, Kansas City MO

This book is full of revelation and has been written “for a time such as this.” Crown & Throne will revolutionize your prayer life and shift your paradigm into a prophetic dimension as you learn to address land issues, understand covenant, and advance in Kingdom authority in the earth realm. I have great respect for Jon and his ministry and the honesty and simplicity that he expresses in his call to this land. This book, though directed toward America, can be used as a model for any nation. This is a day to overthrow thrones of iniquity. Crown & Throne takes the greatest model of our Messiah’s triumph and invokes a people today to arise with the same selfless approach to seeing the glory overtake the earth. Read! Buy for others to read!
Chuck D. Pierce, President, Global Spheres Inc. and Glory of Zion International, Corinth, TX

About the Author:

Jon and Jolene Hamill founded Lamplighter Ministries to help spark awakening in America and the nations. They currently reside in Washington, DC.