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Consumed By Love
Consumed By Love by Duncan Smith

Price: $14.99
Author: Duncan Smith
Subtitle: How Oneness With Christ Changes Absolutely Everything
Format: Paperback
Length: 293 Pages
Published: 2014

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Hidden from the dawn of time but revealed to us in God’s Word, is the greatest mystery of all – Oneness with Christ. We were created not just to be like Him, but to become truly one with Him.

In Consumed by Love, Duncan tells the story of his journey into discovering the God of love who in Christ, became one with all of humanity. This priceless act of love holds the key needed for each of us to live an extraordinary life on earth that only God can live, accessing His infinite treasures and supernatural power and giving it away to the world.

Table of Contents:

Foreword by Bill Johnson
Part 1: The Person and Place of Oneness
Chapter 1: Set on Fire
Chapter 2: Young Firebrands
Chapter 3: Light in the Darkness
Chapter 4: Die to Your Calling
Chapter 5: Blind Eyes Opening
Part 2: The Price of Oneness
Chapter 6: The Son of Abba
Chapter 7: Roasted Lamb
Chapter 8: The Two Trees
Chapter 9: The Two Thieves
Chapter 10: The Bronze Serpent
Chapter 11: Hidden in Christ
Part 3: The Power of Oneness
Chapter 12: Maturing in Oneness
Chapter 13: A New Paradigm
Chapter 14: Infinite Treasure
Chapter 15: The Fullness of Deity
Chapter 16: Mea Words
Chapter 17: The Fire of Love
Chapter 18: Eternal Fiery Ones


We preachers often have the ability to speak on a vast number of topics, but generally we have only a few that we might call life messages. I have mine, and Duncan has his. One of his main life messages is about the oneness that we have in Christ as believers in Jesus. This is a fantastic and glorious revelation, not new, but freshly presented. It has helped and strengthened our leadership team in Toronto. It has helped me personally to continue to move out of my spiritual orphan tendencies and into my place as a son of my Heavenly Father, where I belong. Duncan has managed to get this down into a wonderful new book that will challenge and change your life. As you realize that you are one with Christ, and one with our awesome Trinitarian God, you will be propelled to new heights in relationship with Him and then into fruitful ministry for Him. This book is a fun and exciting read. Through the stories you will get to know Duncan, but more importantly, you will get to know the God of love as Jesus reveals the Father to you in a wonderful new revelation of your oneness with Him.
John Arnott, Catch The Fire, Toronto

Once you read Duncan Smith’s book, I am confident you will have a new hunger for the Holy Spirit and the knowledge of your oneness in Christ. Duncan’s hope is that we can walk into the wilderness of this world, confident that we too can demonstrate the gospel with burning love, accompanied by signs and wonders. His book is rich with scripture and stories of his own life that calls us to stay in the hidden place, consumed with great passion for God.
Heidi Baker, Ph.D., Founding Director of Iris Global

About the Author:

Duncan Smith is a founding leader of Catch The Fire World, an international family of revival churches, missions and ministries. He is the Senior Leader of Catch The Fire Raleigh, a vibrant, growing church in North Carolina. He also loves extreme missions among the unreached peoples of the world. He lives with his family in Raleigh.