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Commissioned with Power
Commissioned with Power by Gordon Lindsay

Price: $20.95
Author: Gordon Lindsay
Subtitle: An Overview of the Gifts of the Spirit
Format: Paperback
Length: 513 Pages
Published: 2001

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This tome takes a very close look at the gifts of the Spirit and how they function in the life of the believer as well as the local church. Lindsay covers all of the gifts as well as discusses the issues surrounding the baptism in the Spirit and the avenues by which a believer receives it. This is the most comprehensive book we are aware of on the gifts of the Spirit.

Table of Contents


Part 1: A Survey of the Gifts, the Word of Wisdom and the Word of Knowledge
Chapter 1: Are the Gifts of the Spirit for the Modern Church?

Chapter 2: How the Gifts are Received

Chapter 3: The Nine Gifts

Chapter 4: The Importance of the Fruits of the Spirit

Chapter 5: The Word of Wisdom

Chapter 6: The Word of Wisdoms Purpose

Chapter 7: The Word of Wisdom in Christs Ministry

Chapter 8: The Word of Knowledge

Chapter 9: The Word of Knowledge in Scripture

Part 2: Discerning of Spirits, the Gift of Faith and the Gifts of Healing
Chapter 10: Discerning of Spirits

Chapter 11: Discerning Angelic Spirits

Chapter 12: Discerning Evil Spirits

Chapter 13: Discerning the Human Spirit

Chapter 14: The Gift of Faith

Chapter 15: The Gift of Faith and Divine Protection

Chapter 16: The Gift of Faith and Divine Provision

Chapter 17: The Gift of Faith and Divine Health

Chapter 18: The Gift of Faith and Supernatural Transportation

Chapter 19: The Gift of Faith and Deliverance

Chapter 20: The Gift of Faith and Divine Discipline

Chapter 21: Committal The Secret of Dynamic Faith

Chapter 22: Gifts of Healings

Chapter 23: The Various Healing Gifts

Chapter 24: Ministering in the Healing Gifts

Part 3: The Gift of Miracles and the Gift of Prophecy
Chapter 25: The Working of Miracles

Chapter 26: Raising the Dead

Chapter 27: The Plague Miracles

Chapter 28: Miracles in the Life of Samson

Chapter 29: Miracles of Supply

Chapter 30: Miracles Affecting Nature

Chapter 31: Miracles of Divine Judgment

Chapter 32: Facts About the Gift of Prophecy

Chapter 33: How the Gift of Prophecy Operates

Chapter 34: Prophecy and Guidance

Chapter 35: False Prophets and Prophecies

Chapter 36: True and False

Part 4: The Baptism in the Holy Spirit, Speaking in Tongues and Interpretation of Tongues
Chapter 37: 21 Reasons Christians Should Speak in Tongues

Chapter 38: Facts About the Holy Spirit

Chapter 39: Why Every Christian Should Receive the Holy Spirit

Chapter 40: The Holy spirit Baptism Foreshadowed in the Old Testament

Chapter 41: The Holy spirit During the Church Age

Chapter 42: Does the Holy Spirit Baptism Occur at Conversion?

Chapter 43: On What Basis Do We Receive the Holy Spirit?

Chapter 44: Preparation to Receive the Holy Spirit

Chapter 45: Two Ways the Holy spirit is Imparted

Chapter 46: Why People Receive Different Measures of the Spirit

Chapter 47: The Two Phases of the Holy Spirit Baptism

Chapter 48: How to Receive the Holy Spirit Baptism

Chapter 49: 30 Objections to Speaking in Tongues and the Biblical Answers

Chapter 50: Interpretation of Tongues