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Coming Revival
Coming Revival by Derek Prince

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Author: Derek Prince
Subtitle: Shaping History for a New Heavenly Reality
Format: Paperback
Length: 239 Pages
Published: 2020

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Years ago, the Lord spoke these words to international Bible teacher Derek Prince, author of the acclaimed book Shaping History Through Prayer and Fasting: “There shall be a great revival in the United States and Great Britain.” Derek believed God was going to send a tremendous revival. But He wasn’t going to send it to the nations. He was going to send revival to the church in the nations. Then, that revival would impact the world with the gospel of Jesus Christ before His return.

This prophetic word about revival has yet to be fulfilled, which means the years to come hold great excitement for the church. The renewal God wants to bring to the United States and Great Britain – indeed, to the whole earth – may lie just ahead of us.

Each of us has a pivotal role in this upcoming revival. How should we prepare ourselves to be used by the Lord in the revolutionary times to come? The fact is, how soon we see this revival will depend on how soon we are ready. Derek Prince knew there would be many contributing factors to the worldwide revival God intends to bring. In this riveting book, he focuses on seven elements that are essential to the process. Learn these vital elements and how you can prepare yourself to bring about The Coming Revival – ushering in the fullness of the kingdom and the culmination of the age.

Table of Contents:
Part 1: Loving Others
Chapter 1: The Foundation of Revival
Chapter 2: The Real Requirement
Chapter 3: The Law of Love
Chapter 4: Fervent Love
Chapter 5: Faith Works Through Love
Chapter 6: Upward Progress

Part 2: Loving God
Chapter 7: Two Inseparable Realities
Chapter 8: Progressive Obedience
Chapter 9: Our Jealous God
Chapter 10: The One Barrier

Part 3: Humbling Ourselves
Chapter 11: The Root of the Problem
Chapter 12: The Only Remedy
Chapter 13: Seven Steps
Chapter 14: A Lesson in Humility
Chapter 15: The Gift of Confession

Part 4: Eliminating Legalism
Chapter 16: A Big Problem
Chapter 17: The Carnal Nature
Chapter 18: Depending Upon the Spirit
Chapter 19: Law and Grace
Chapter 20: Effective Grace

Part 5: Unmasking Witchcraft
Chapter 21: Removing the Stones
Chapter 22: Witchcraft in Undeveloped Cultures
Chapter 23: Spiritual Battle
Chapter 24: Witchcraft in Disguise
Chapter 25: Witchcraft in the Church
Chapter 26: A Prayer of Deliverance

Part 6: Getting Desperate
Chapter 27: When God Intervenes
Chapter 28: Desperate Times
Chapter 29: That None Should Perish
Chapter 30: Life Beneath the Surface

Part 7: Purifying Ourselves
Chapter 31: A Culture in Confusing
Chapter 32: Uncharted Territory
Chapter 33: AN Unshakable Kingdom
Chapter 34: Marks of Preparation
Chapter 35: The Time is Short
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