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Coming Increase of Christ in His House
Coming Increase of Christ in His House by Donald Rumble

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Author: Donald Rumble
Subtitle: Identifying the Fullness of the Gentiles
Format: Paperback
Length: 125 Pages
Published: 2013

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What is God’s agenda for the Gentile nations, His Church and Israel?

The Coming Increase of Christ in His House – Identifying the Fullness of the Gentiles rests securely on the premise that God is sovereign and He is bringing human history to His stated goal.  The future of the Church is glorious, not only with regard to Heaven, but in the years that lie ahead on this Earth.  

This book puts forth God’s agenda for the Gentile nations, which will result in the nation of Israel returning to Him.  God is preparing His Church for the coming increase of the manifest presence of Christ.  Donald Rumble shows us that our focus, therefore, must not be on the increasing darkness, but upon God’s plan for increasing the revelation of Christ in His house.

As a result, you will find yourself being drawn to spend more time with Christ.  You will also be inspired to lift up your eyes to look beyond the trials of this life, including opposition from the enemy and all forms of doubt.  This book reveals God’s purpose for His Church and gives the reader a Christ-centered perspective on the end times.

Table of Contents:

Foreword by Lloyd Hildebrand
Part 1: Christ, God’s Word to the Nations
Chapter 1: The Emerging Child of Promise
Chapter 2: Submission to God’s Righteousness
Chapter 3: AN Apostolic People
Chapter 4: Saving the Church
Chapter 5: Making Him Known
Chapter 6: God’s Strategy
Chapter 7: Sovereign Choices
Chapter 8: God’s Unstoppable Purpose
Part 2: Illuminating the Nations
Chapter 9: An Increasing Revelation
Chapter 10: A Pervading Death
Chapter 11: The Death of Death
Chapter 12: The Triumph of Life
Chapter 13: Devoted to Life
Chapter 14: God’s Glorious House
Part 3: God’s Hidden Road
Chapter 15: A Barrage of Stories
Chapter 16: Christ, the Door of Access
Chapter 17: The Way Forward From Here


Don Rumble is a man who carries the Holy Spirit’s burden to see God’s children made complete in Christ.  He encourages the Church to be an expression of “Christ in you, the hope of glory” rather than settling for lesser goals.  This book shares how God’s call will one day transform the future of both the Church and the world.  I encourage you to read its unique take on the Bible’s revealed destiny for our planet.
Bill Cadden, Bible teacher, elder, Saugerties Christian Fellowship

In The Coming Increase of Christ in His House Don Rumble gives prophetic insight into what is unfolding during our watch, our generation.  The question is, will we be aware of it?  Again, as always, Don points us to our relationship with Jesus.  The challenge is not to be sidetracked but to press toward the fullness of God’s purpose.  May we continue to humble ourselves, yield to the Holy Spirit as He progressively unfolds His plan and awakens us all to His magnificent strategy for summing up all things in Christ Jesus.
Owen Carey, Church planter, elder, New Testament Christian Fellowship, Manchester, NH

About the Author:

Donald Rumble has served the Lord in a Bible-teaching ministry since 1975.  He presently serves on the ministry team of Saugerties Christian Fellowship, a local church in Saugerties, New York.  The Lord has opened doors of ministry to him in such places as Southern and Western Africa, the United Kingdom and Canada, as well as many states within the United States.  He is the author of four other books: The Ephesian Connection, The Apostolic and Prophetic Foundation, The Latter Day Glory, and Fulfilling the Mystery.