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Can Homosexuality Be Healed
Can Homosexuality Be Healed by Francis MacNutt

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Author: is MacNutt
Format: Paperback
Length: 104 Pages

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Is there hope and help for those who are struggling?

To someone struggling with homosexuality, churches can present a confusing message. Some insist that a repentant homosexual renounce all ties to the homosexual lifestyle and live out his or her days in celibacy. Others believe that since o one chooses to be homosexual, the only compassionate solution is complete acceptance. Neither viewpoint takes into account all aspects of the issue. Is there another option that incorporates not only the traditional position that homosexual acts are sinful but also the fundamental reality of every person's need for love and acceptance?

Over the years, Francis MacNutt has seen phenomenal results in the area of healing for homosexuals. Through prayer, those same-sex desires can be changed . . . healed. Gays or lesbians actually become heterosexual. Here Dr. MacNutt shares real-life examples, compassionate understanding of the issues, and practical advice for anyone seeking freedom from homosexuality, as well as for those seeking help for gay friends or family.