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Breaking the Spirit of Poverty
Breaking the Spirit of Poverty by Mark Pfeifer

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Author: Mark Pfeifer
Format: Paperback
Length: 143 Pages

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Individuals struggle under its influence. Families and churches labor under its weight from generation to generation. Entire cities, regions and nations are controlled by its power

It is the Spirit of Poverty!

The Spirit of poverty will steal your dreams and ambitions. It will keep you struggling from day to day. It will keep you from experiencing your destiny and rob you and your descendants of the blessing of God

Arent You Tired of Living in Lack?

You are about to discover the reason why you have been hindered and unable to achieve your goals. In Breaking the Spirit of Poverty you will been shown the plan of the enemy to steal from you as well as learn strategies that will help you break free and begin to walk in abundance.

Table of Contents

Authors Foreword

Chapter 1: Buried Treasure

Chapter 2: Thinking Outside the Poverty Box

Chapter 3: The Power to Get Wealth

Chapter 4: Pleasing God with Your Increase

Chapter 5: Looking Through the Poverty Lens

Chapter 6: Your Promise Needs a Blessing

Chapter 7: Learning to Release

Chapter 8: Farmers, Seeds and Soil

Chapter 9: Four Types of Giving

Chapter 10: Why Do Preachers Talk About Money All of the Time?

Chapter 11: Keeping the Accursed Thing


About the Author

Mark Pfeifer is the founder and Senior Pastor of Open Door Christian Fellowship in Chillicothe, Ohio. He also oversees an apostolic network of churches and ministries called Soma. Mark and his wife Nicki are founders and overseers of the southern Ohio School of Ministry with multiple affiliate locations, the Fire School of Prophetic Training in Chillicothe and Columbus, Ohio and the Soma Business Institute in Chillicothe. They have three children: Andrew, Alexandra and Austin.