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Breaking the Serpent Code
Breaking the Serpent Code by Jim and Faith Chosa

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Author: Jim and Faith Chosa
Subtitle: First Nations Perspective for Healing DNA
Format: Paperback
Length: 255 Pages
Published: 2005

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In this book, Jim and Faith Chosa unravel for the believer the hidden realm of DNA, reveal mankind's highest destiny and expose the greatest "bait and switch" crime against humanity to change and suppress human identity and subvert human destiny. In the process of unraveling this mystery, they also expose the hidden power behind all religions causing mankind to pursue a fraudulent destiny filled with dead end dreams and false visions, and reveal God's solution and the protocol of the Spirit to bring the power of the Blood drenched Gospel to open up the DNA realm to the transforming works of the Cross to break the hidden code of the Serpent, which has bound mankind to darkness for over six thousand years. Consider the brief testimony of one who has received the deep restoring work of Christ within her DNA:

"As a small child I was sexually abused and experienced the horrors of satanic ritual abuse. In order to cope, my mind and heart compartmentalized the betrayal, pain, abuse and the duplicity of my life, and I developed a multiple personality . . . I had experienced a great deal of visible healing yet I still know, within myself, more work needed to be done . . . years later I attended a Wagner Leadership Institute class called "Repossessing the Spiritual Landscape of America" taught by Jim and Faith Chosa in Denton, TX. The first day of the class Jim said, "As indigenous people of the land, we want to welcome you home." As we stood to receive this welcome and impartation, tears coursed down my face. I could feel the fragmented parts inside me responding, ready and longing to come "home" and to be made whole. With awe and thanksgiving, I drank in the teaching on uprooting the demonic structures in the land. Suddenly, as Jim explained a diagram on the board, I recognized it as the piece the Lord had promised. As Jim led us in a group prayer, I knew the demonic structure and programming were coming down and I was becoming the whole unified person I was created to be."

Table of Contents:



Chapter One
A Brief History of the Discovery of DNA
Why Do We Need to Know About Our DNA History?
Our Purpose: Break the Serpents Code and Unravel the Burial Shroud

Chapter Two
Unlocking the Treasure Code
In Your Patience, Possess Ye Your Souls!
Seeing the Treasure
What is Man?
Who is Man?
Possess Until Patterned After a New Life-Code
The Pattern for the Human Personality
Creating a Three Part Man

Chapter Three
The Serpent Code: An Alien Force
Identity Theft: Rewriting Humanitys Life-Code
What is the DNA?
DNA Junk
DNA Memory
Generational Visiting of Iniquity
The Serpent Code: Legal Habitation for Demons
The Parasitic Purpose of Familiar Spirits
Switching Our Destiny: Empowering Psychic Phenomena

Chapter Four
The Serpent Code: Its Nature and Character
Like God with an Added Twist
Reproducing After His Own DNA Code
Unmasking the Unholy Trinity
Divination: A False Word
Witchcraft: A False Authority
Sorcery: False Governing Anointing
The Subversion of Beliefs
The Power Behind False Government
Subverting Apostle Authority
How is Pride Connected to Sorcery?
Building a False Structure for a False King
The Effect of a Fraudulent Identity: A Native Case Study

Chapter Five
The Hidden Stronghold of Vanity
The Five Layered Form of the Stronghold of Vanity
Denial: The Manifest Power of Vanity
The Six-Fold Function of Denial
Denial: Hiding the Secret Code of the Serpent
The Effects of the Serpent Code on the Human Personality
Evaluating the Source of Our Faith
A Pop-Quiz: Checking Our Foundations of Faith

Chapter Six
The Serpent Code Breaker
Piercing the Serpent Code: Blood-Perfected Forgiveness
Forgiveness: Opening the Lock on the Serpents Code Book of Death
Accessing the Key-Code
Confession: Our Part of Breaking the Serpent Code
Redemption: Removing the Old DNA Serpent Code
Reconciliation: Rewriting the New Code
Restoration: Becoming Functional Code-Breakers
Overcoming the Serpent, the Source of the Fraudulent Code
Why is the Blood the Only Solution for Destroying the Serpent Code?
LIFE is in the Blood
Revealing the Mystery Connection of Life and Blood
Infusion by Transfusion
True Confession: Permanently Exchanging Codes
The DNA Nature, Character and Behavior of the Serpent
The DNA Nature, Character of Christ
How Do We Begin Our Prayer of Confession?

Chapter Seven
Blotting Out the Serpent Code: The Weapon of Blood Judgment
Know Ye Not That We Shall Judge Angels?
Judgment: The Display of Humanities Dominion Destiny
Understanding Judgment
Judgment Must Begin at the House of God
The Substance of New Testament Judgment
The Serpent Code-Claims: Stamped PAID IN FULL
Setting the Snare for the Serpent
Jesus: Justice Denied
Judgment: Destroying the Serpent Code and His False Coverings
Disarming the Serpent: Terrifying the Terrorist
The Blood Judgment of Christ: A Demon Terrifying Sound
Caution, the Devil Still has Power to Bite
Christ is Our Divine Hedge: Follow His Leadership Authority

Chapter EightUnlocking Gods Secret Code: Understanding Divine Protocol
Baptism in the Body of Christ: The Power-Protocol for Divine Alignment
Protocol Spiritual Alignment: Must First Begin in the House of God
The Divine Protocol for Personal Alignment
The Will of the Heart: Alignment With the Kingdom of God
The Human Spiritual Will
The Location of the Spiritual Will
Evidence of Kingdom Alignment: From Victory to Victory
The Purpose of Individual Alignment
The Protocol of Increase and Expansion

Chapter Nine
Spiritual Protocol: Healing DNA!
Caught Between a Rock and a Hard Place
The Protocol Path for Restoration and DNA Healing
The Personal Protocol of Blood Judgment Application
Model Supplication Prayers: Applying the Protocol of Confession
Corporate Cleansing of Communication Lines
Protocol for Corporate Cleansing
Breaking the Serpent Code: Yoke Breaking Fasts
Warning: The Serpent Will Counterattack
DNA Analysis: How to Tell the DNA of God from the DNA of the Serpent
Evidence the Serpent Code is Broken

References and Notes

Appendix One: Biblical Repentance

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