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Break Up With Defeat
Break Up With Defeat by Jermaine Francis

Price: $13.95
Author: Jermaine Francis
Subtitle: Recognizing and Shattering Hidden Mindsets that Defeat You
Format: Paperback
Length: 132 Pages
Published: 2017

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You don’t have to live another day with defeat; today you have a date with victory!

Do you feel unmotivated, drained, overwhelmed or beaten up by life? Are you just going through the motions but have no passion?

Jermaine Francis talks straight – through stories, scriptures, humor and practical tips – about the mindsets of defeat hiding in our lives, his own journey overcoming these mindsets, and how to exchange the relationship with defeat for a life of victory. You’ll discover:
The five mindsets of defeat that are robbing from you
The traps of defeat that keep you coming back to it
How to get victory in every circumstance
How to live a life of sustained victory
How to bring victory to others

Jesus purchased victory for us, but we must be willing to break up with defeat to receive it.

Table of Contents:
Foreword by Jane Hamon
Chapter 1: What Is Victory?
Chapter 2: Defeat
Chapter 3: Self-Deceived
Chapter 4: Religious Spirit
Chapter 5: Slavery Mentality
Chapter 6: Victim Mentality
Chapter 7: Fatalism
Chapter 8: The Scarcity Mentality
Chapter 9: Lies
Chapter 10: Truth
Chapter 11: Insecurities
Chapter 12: Contending
Chapter 13: Obedience for Victory
Chapter 14: Comfort
Chapter 15: Mighty Warrior
Chapter 16: Royalty
Chapter 17: Jericho
Chapter 18: Come Out of Hiding
Chapter 19: Get Stronger
Chapter 20: The Voice of the Lord Releases Victory
Chapter 21: Demonstrating Victory
Chapter 22: Your Value
Chapter 23: Dependence on Jesus
Chapter 24: The Person of Victory
Chapter 25: Victorious Mentality
Scriptures of Victory


If you truly grasp the concept of this book, it will absolutely change everything in your life!! This book is power-packed with practical tools of application that will cause you to walk in victory every day of your life!!!
Nancy Alcorn, Founder and President, Mercy Multiplied

Break Up with Defeat is something that I highly recommend every believer, both new and seasoned, to read and absorb. I love how Jermaine clearly and articulately explains how to live from victory. It will stir you up in encouragement to live the victorious life that Father God originally intended and desires for you to possess. This book will surely cause your faith to rise to new levels and new depths in the Holy spirit, as it did mine. I am super excited and look forward to giving this out as a resource to help get people’s life back on track with the power of victory.
Apostle Clyde Lewis, Destiny church International

About the Author:
Jermaine Francis has been active in ministry for over ten years. He and his wife travel nationally and internationally, speaking at conferences, schools and churches. His passion is for believers to find, embrace and release their unique God-given destiny to impact the world for Jesus. He attended Valor Christian College in Columbus, Ohio under Pastor Rod Parsley, and received his Bachelor’s degree from Christian International School of Theology. Jermaine and his wife Rebecca live in Santa Rosa Beach, Florida where they are on staff at Christian International Ministries, founded by Dr. Bill Hamon.