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Blessing Your Body
Blessing Your Body by Pamela Legate

Price: $13.99
Author: Pamela Legate
Subtitle: A 22 Day Devotional Journey With God to Wholeness
Format: Paperback
Length: 140 Pages
Published: 2017

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Uncover the hidden treasures of God’s Hebrew health decrees for your body.

When the Holy Spirit shows you the truth of your identity, you begin to realize the importance of who you are in Christ. As you grow in your identity, you receive revelation of your blessings in Christ. Be bold! Declare those decrees of blessing from the Father.

You must enforce these “decrees” in the heavenly realms, bringing heaven to earth. Christ did the work. You have the right to execute what He has declared. It is my hope that this book will be a jumping off point for you in your physical health and open for you the opportunity to see the spiritual and the physical being merged as you are spirit, soul, and body. – Dr. Pam.

Table of Contents:
Introduction: How to Use This Book
Day 1: Aleph – The Whole Body
Day 2: Beth – The Brain
Day 3: Gimel – The Heart
Day 4: Daleth – The Blood
Day 5: He – The Lungs
Day 6: Waw – The DNA and Cells
Day 7: Zayin – The Liver and Gallbladder
Day 8: Heth – The Skin
Day 9: Teth – The Ears
Day 10: Yod – The Arms, Hands and Fingers
Day 11: Kaph – The Stomach
Day 12: Lamed – The Nose
Day 13: Mem – The Kidneys, Bladder and Adrenals
Day 14: Nun – The Bones
Day 15: Samek – The Legs and Feet
Day 16: Ayin – The Eyes
Day 17: Pe – The Mouth
Day 18: Tsadde – The Pancreas
Day 19: Qoph – The Spleen
Day 20: Resh – The Small and Large Intestines
Day 21: Shin – The Teeth
Day 22: Tau – The Reproductive Organs
Final Word
About the Author

About the Author:
Dr. Pamela Legate has been a Naturopathic Doctor for over twenty years. People from around the world have sought her for teaching and counseling in natural health principles. Dr. Pam imparts natural health living choices from the Scriptures encouraging people to walk in wholeness and the identity of who they are in Christ.