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Binding the Strongman Over America and the Nations
Binding the Strongman Over America and the Nations by John Benefiel

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Author: John Benefiel
Subtitle: Healing the Land, Transferring Wealth, Advancing the Kingdom of God
Format: Paperback
Length: 493 Pages
Published: 2020

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Can a nation look like Heaven? As the daily news points to growing spiritual darkness over the nations, many Christians are tempted to believe that America is a lost cause. But is this true?

Many Christian prophetic leaders agree: there is hope for America and the nations!

Apostle John Benefiel has witnessed tremendous spiritual breakthrough, both in his home state of Oklahoma and across the nation. In Binding the Strongman Over America and the Nations, Benefiel outlines a prophetic strategy believers can employ to pray effectively against the darkness invading their homes, communities, and nation!

Discover how to:
  • Identity and overthrow ancient thrones of iniquity.
  • Issue a divorce decree to the spirit of Baal.
  • Unmask idolatry and repent on behalf of the nation.
  • Contend for God’s prophetic destiny for America to be fulfilled.

So shake off discouragement and fear! Join the fight for your nation’s destiny, and bind the strongman today!

Table of Contents:
Foreword by Chuck Pierce
Chapter 1: Forgiving a Nation That Never Asked
Chapter 2: This isn’t Much Like Heaven
Chapter 3: Ancient Thrones of Iniquity
Chapter 4: The Government of the City
Chapter 5: Slaves in a Free Society
Chapter 6: Peace Chief and Warrior
Chapter 7: Strong Covenant, Strong Covering
Chapter 8: Following the Leading
Chapter 9: The State Takes a Shift
Chapter 10: Touching the Nation
Chapter 11: God’s Government
Chapter 12: Unmasking Idolatry
Chapter 13: Contending for the Land
Chapter 14: Signs of Transformation
Chapter 15: Growing a House of Prayer
Chapter 16: Positioned in the Courts of Heaven
Chapter 17: Winning Governmental Wars in Heaven’s Court
Chapter 18: Expanding Around the Globe
Chapter 19: Transforming Society
Chapter 20: The World Is Getting Better, the Future Brighter Timeline of Recent HAPN Initiatives
Appendix A: Baal Divorce Decree
Appendix B: Writ of Assistance
Appendix C: Prophecies Given to John Benefiel
Appendix D: Declaration of Covenant
Appendix E: Resolution of Apology
Appendix F: Baal Teaching from Dutch Sheets
Appendix G: Prayer for Release for Freemasons and Their Descendants
Appendix H: How to Join HAPN


Some say we have lost the war in this nation; it has deteriorated to a godless, sinful, chaotic state. While this may be partially true, something else is happening in our midst. People are arising who believe God and His Word. A state, a nation can be reformed. This book details how to think, believe, and act, not just theoretically but from an experiential standpoint. John Benefiel and team explain how they set out to change a state through sustained, united prayer and action. I was captivated, riveted by this book. John and team have pioneered a way to transform and reform a state, a nation. Reading this book will make you become a believer!
Barbara Yoder, Senior Pastor and Lead Apostle, Shekinah Regional Equipping and Revival Center

Anything held in darkness is owned by the devil. This book shines a bright light that exposes much of the hidden darkness of our nation’s history. Apostle Benefiel calls this book a roadmap to transformation. I believe it is more than that. It’s an historical account of national sin, godly sorrow, and true repentance! It’s actually a replicable blueprint to lasting change (true transformation), which is so needed in our nation. Be informed and be equipped by this great work.
Dr. Bill Sudduth, President, International Society of Deliverance Ministers

About the Author:
Dr. John Benefiel is the founder and senior pastor of Church on the Rock, Oklahoma City. He also founded and leads the Heartland Apostolic Prayer Network (HAPN) and the Global Apostolic Prayer Network (GAPN), with a leader and a network n each of the 50 states and 112 nations. The purpose of the networks is to impact the seven mountains of culture – religion, family, education, government, media/arts, and entertainment, protect and serve, and economy – for God’s Kingdom through our prayers and influence.