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Beyond the Cave
Beyond the Cave by Quincy Robinson

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Author: Quincy Robinson
Subtitle: The Cave - The System of False Beliefs You Have About Yourself
Format: Paperback
Length: 112 Pages

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For years, men have tried to love from the cave, father from the cave, and lead from the cave. Though not impossible, it is extremely difficult. Though he tries, he is not functioning at optimal capacity. God and the people around him never really get the best of him. Beyond the Cave challenges men to dismantle false beliefs; discover proper identity; and dominate their now.

In a world where men’s pain from abuse (sexual, emotional, physical, and spiritual), neglect and abandonment are cast into the shadows, Robinson offers an honest and transparent look into his own life and abusive experience to assist men with confronting the pain of their past.

The man who chooses to go Beyond the Cave unleashes his legacy power – the power to positively affect his family and the world around him for generations to come. Are you ready?

Table of Contents:
The Cave
Entering the Cave
Life in the Cave
Playing with the T.O.Y.S.
The Cave Man
Authentic Honesty Awakening
The Journey Out of the Cave
T.O.O.L.S. for the Climb
Out of the Cave into the Light
The Journey Beyond the Cave
Unleash Your Legacy Power

About the Author:
Quincy O. Robinson is a man who is unflinching, unabashed, and unafraid to speak God’s Word. When he stepped into purpose as a men’s power coach in 2011, his only certainty was he was called to awaken this generation of men to action. You can call him a truthteller. A thought-shaker. A groundbreaker. But he just calls himself a man.