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Becoming a Bestselling Author
Becoming a Bestselling Author by Larry Keefauver

Price: $13.99
Author: Larry Keefauver
Subtitle: 21 Proven, Profitable Pointers for Marketing and Selling You and Your Message
Format: Paperback
Length: 129 Pages
Published: 2017

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Almost weekly, authors call me asking something like, “Dr. Larry, can you help me market and sell my books? I have 10 cases of books in storage and don’t know how to promote and publicize them.” In talking with them, I usually discover they didn’t know at the beginning of their book writing and publishing venture, that they didn’t have a business plan for writing, editing, producing, printing, publishing, distributing, marketing, and selling their book.

Unfortunately, it’s almost impossible to implement a successful marketing and sales plan after the fact. So, the purpose of this book is very specific and simple. Every book project, all publishing ventures, need a business plan that identifies the people, processes, products involved with timelines, costs, goals, and objective. That business plan includes the marketing and sales strategies needed to put the published material in the hands of as many readers, listeners, viewers, and followers as possible.

This book will answer these questions and more:
  • How do I successfully write to the market?
  • What plan is needed for effectively writing, producing, marketing, selling, and publishing my books and message?
  • How do I build the right team to help me write, edit, produce, and market myself and my message to the world?
  • Who can coach, mentor, and equip me to be a writer, author, speaker, coach, consultant, and build an online platform and market for my books, courses, webinars, podcasts, social media presence, streaming videos, etc.?

Table of Contents:
Introduction: Taking Your Message to Market and Your Books to Branding
Chapter 1: Sow What’s in Your Bag
Chapter 2: Go Where You Have Favor
Chapter 3: Implement a Writing, Editing, Publishing, Distribution, and Sales Strategy
Chapter 4: Never Walk Alone – Build a Team
Chapter 5: Relationships are Everything – Network with Others and Create a Following
Chapter 6: Be Presence Driven: You’re a Sailboat Not a Rowboat
Chapter 7: Become an Expert – Be Transparent and Truthful
Final Word – Be Encouraged!
Postscript – 21 Proven, Profitable Pointers for Marketing and Selling You and Your Message
Appendix 1: Be Presence Driven
Appendix 2: Collecting Endorsements

About the Author:
Dr. Larry Keefauver is an author/writer coach, having written 15 bestselling books and series having published over 60 books in 11 languages with over 2 million copies in print. Ghostwriter and editor for dozens of church and business leaders worldwide, Dr. Keefauver and his wife, Judi, reside in Maui and enjoy family times with their married children and seven wonderful grandchildren.