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Authority to Heal
Authority to Heal by Randy Clark

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Author: Randy Clark
Subtitle: Restoring the Lost Inheritance of God's Healing Power
Format: Paperback
Length: 281 Pages
Published: 2016

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The Bible is filled with divine healing! From cover to cover, Scripture reveals many miraculous healings. The sick, the terminally ill – and even the dead – were restored to wholeness through God’s divine intervention.

How did healing – something that was natural for Jesus and innate in the early church – become increasingly absent and intensely controversial in the church today?

In Authority to Heal, Randy Clark exposes the truth behind what happened to divine healing – and how to reclaim this supernatural inheritance.

Discover how to:
  • Recognize and overcome the common deceptions that block the flow of God’s power.
  • Unlock your inheritance of healing authority through the truth of Scripture and surprising testimonies from church history.
  • Deepen your understanding of God’s goodness through His signs and wonders.
  • Access the power through which Jesus, the early church and Spirit-anointed miracle-workers throughout history walked.

In Power to Heal, you were quipped to pray for the sick. In Authority to Heal, go deeper as Dr. Randy Clark shares his personal healing journey, eyewitness stories of miracle healings, and insights from Scripture, theology and church history.

Discover how God’s healing river never stopped flowing – and unleash its power in your life today!

Table of Contents:
Part 1: Marked by His Power
Chapter 1: A Childhood Shaped by Healing
Chapter 2: From Healed to Healing Ministry
Part 2: Foundations for Divine Healing
Chapter 3: Biblical Foundations for Healing
Chapter 4: Biblical Basis for the continuation of Spiritual Gifts
Chapter 5: A Theology of Healing Demonstration and Empowerment
Chapter 6: Theological Foundations for Impartation
Part 3: The Issue of Faith in Healing
Chapter 7: How to Flow in God’s Supernatural Healing Power
Chapter 8: God Intends to Heal
Part 4: A History of Healing Theology and Supernatural Demonstration
Chapter 9: Early Church History and Divine Healing
Chapter 10: The First 400 Years of Church History: An Era of Haling and Miracles
Part 5: How We Lost Our Inheritance
Chapter 11: The Church Moves Away from Healing
Chapter 12: Church Factors and the Decline of Healing
Chapter 13: The Church Rejects the Holy Spirit
Chapter 14: Cessationism: A Brief Examination of the Teachings of B.B. Warfield
Part 6: Reclaiming Our Authority to Heal
Chapter 15: The Healing River of God
Conclusion: A New Pentecost

Randy Clark is one of my greatest heroes, and God used him to bring radical healing and transformation in my life. Randy walks in such a powerful father anointing; his heart is to impart and teach everything he has learned to the next generation. I pray that God will use his book Authority to Heal to teach and train you in healing ministry and encourage you to pray for the sick. God is kind and full of compassion to heal, and healing is a gift for every Christian to walk in, not just for certain people or certain places. Read this book, and amp up your journey to heal the sick in the name of Jesus.
Heidi G. Baker, Ph.D., Co-founder and director of Iris Global; Author of Birthing the Miraculous

God’s desire is to establish His Kingdom – His rule and reign here on earth – as it is in heaven. He invites us to co-labor with Him in touching and transforming lives with His power and love. Until June 6, 1995, I was blinded in a dispensational cessationist worldview. One encounter and impartation changed everything as Randy Clark prayed for me. My eyes were opened! Authority to Heal is the textbook that we all need to represent Jesus on earth. Authority to Heal will change you and you will then become an agent of change.
Leif Hetland, President, Global Mission Awareness; Author of Seeing Through Heaven’s Eyes

About the Author:
Randy Clark, D.Min. is the President and Founder of Global Awakening. Established in 1994, Global Awakening is an apostolic ministry that aims to equip the body of Christ through ministry schools, training programs, conferences and international missions trips. Through his ministry, Randy has seen tens of thousands healed and brought to salvation. He is the author of There Is More, Power to Heal and Essential guide to the Power of the Holy Spirit.