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Angels and Demons Book One
Angels and Demons Book One by Michael Van Vlymen

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Author: Michael Van Vlymen
Subtitle: Encounters the Unseen Realm
Format: Paperback
Length: 43 Pages
Published: 2015

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There is a lot of interest in the supernatural in the world today. Angels and demons have become a hot topic. You might think that Hollywood in their desire to make a profit would create a supernatural fantasy world so far from the truth in their shows that it would look nothing like the real thing. Surprisingly, they got a lot of it right. And equally they got a lot of it wrong. This book is record of what that really looks like in the life of an ordinary believer.

Table of Contents:
Part 1 – Angels
Everybody Loves Angels
My Personal Understanding of Angels
Angels in Both Realms
Rebuking Angels
Saturday Morning Garage Sale Visitation
What Ministry?
Angels Bearing Gifts
Angels in the Bedroom
Angels and Bells
Angels Who Set the Atmosphere on Fire
Other Angles Who Appear as Fire
Powerful Angels Who Provide Covering
Angelic Logistics Center
The Angels Over Your Family
Part 2 – Demons
Everybody Misunderstands Demons
My Personal Understanding of Demons
Demonic Voices
A Demonic Crowd
Demonic Temptations
What’s That Climbing on the Wall?
Demons Using People
Demonic Flight
Demonic Creatures Causing Affliction
I Want to Talk to You
Who is Invading My Space?
Dark Figures in the Warehouse
Where is the True Danger?

About the Author:
Michael Van Vlymen is an author and speaker who teaches about the supernatural things of God. It’s Michael’s passion to share that everyone can learn to see in the spirit realm and walk in the supernatural. Michael travels the world sharing and teaching the revelation God has given him and equipping believers to fulfill their destiny in Christ. Michael is the author of several books including “How to See in the Spirit” a best-seller on the subject of spiritual sight.