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Aligning With the Apostolic Volume Two
Aligning With the Apostolic Volume Two Edited by Bruce Cook

Price: $19.99
Author: Bruce Cook, General Editor
Subtitle: An Anthology of Apostles, and the Apostolic in the Seven Mountains of Culture
Format: Paperback
Length: 308 Pages
Published: 2013

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Book Two of a five volume anthology of apostleship with 70 contributing authors.

Volume One
Section 1: Introduction and Overview

Volume Two
Section 2: Apostolic Government
Section 3: Apostolic Foundations

Volume Three
Section 4: Apostolic Intercession
Section 5: Apostolic Character and Maturity
Section 6: Apostolic Education

Volume Four
Section 7: Apostolic Fathers and Mothers
Section 8: Apostolic Leadership and Teams
Section 9: Apostolic Creativity and Innovation

Volume Five
Section 10: Apostolic Multiplication and Wealth
Section 11: Apostolic Culture
Section 12: Summary and Conclusion

Table of Contents:

Foreword by Dr. Lance Wallnau
Foreword by Dr. Paula A. Price
Section 2: Apostolic Government
Chapter 8: Governmental Order: Alignment for the Miraculous – Dr. John Burpee
Chapter 9: Apostolic Leaders in Government – Alice Patterson
Chapter 10: A City of Integrity – Stephanie Klinzing
Chapter 11: Preparing the Church for Times of Disaster – Daniel Geraci
Section 3: Apostolic Foundations
Chapter 12: Apostles and the Kingdom – Dr. Tim Hamon
Chapter 13: Apostles as Ambassadors – Kent Humphreys
Chapter 14: Apostolic Builders – Lorne Tebbutt
Chapter 15: Apostolic Strategies – Dr. Doug Atha
Chapter 16: Apostolic Authority: Differences Between Power and Authority – Dr. Kluane Spake
Chapter 17: Are Theology and Doctrine Still Relevant for Today’s Apostolic Leaders? – Dr. Joseph Mattera
Chapter 18: Apostolic Theology – Dr. Philip R. Byler
Chapter 19: Embracing an Apostolic Mindset – Dr. Gayle Rogers
Chapter 20: Apostolic Advance of the Kingdom – Duncan Campbell
Chapter 21: Apostolic Travail – Dr. Rick Joyner
Chapter 22: The Call to Apostleship – Dr. Paula A. Price
Chapter 23: Turning the Word Upside Down: the Social Call of the Apostolic – Dr. Lee Ann B. Marino


This is an hour when the Triumphant Reserve is arising! The Lord is mobilizing the government of His Church so we become a Kingdom above every kingdom, and release His power and authority in the earth realm. Dr. Bruce Cook has prepared an incredible resource to help you understand this shift. Aligning with the Apostolic: An Anthology of Apostleship is a landmark series that will equip you for the decade ahead. Don’t miss the wealth of revelation shared in these volumes so you can find your place in God’s Kingdom order.
Dr. Chuck D. Pierce, President, Global Spheres, Inc.

It is a privilege to recommend a new book series that has the breadth of understanding on this important subject. The author, Dr. Bruce Cook, brings a global perspective to this topic and a recognition of this gift in the marketplace and the church. This is a very timely book that provides a unique perspective from Dr. Cook through his understanding of unifying principles with a diversity in practice. He has done this by bringing together a broad range of contributors. My hope is that through this book there will be a releasing of many apostles in the marketplace. I believe God will use this series to call thousands into His work by using their gift of apostleship. As people feel affirmed in their gifts from God, there will be an army released.
Elisabeth Cochrane, CEO, ACE Development

The material in these volumes will help those of us who operate daily as kings and priests in the marketplace to walk in favor, occupy our specific territories and gain influence as together we build the Kingdom of God. The revelation of Apostolic fathers and sons working together in the marketplace will shift the very paradigm in which you operate by producing greater levels of success, unity and blessing within your sphere of influence.
Ed Turose, Fortune 500 Manager

About the General Editor:

Dr. Bruce Cook is a spiritual father and servant-leader, providing alignment, covering and/or counsel to apostolic leaders from every sphere of culture. He has significant experience in financial consulting, fundraising, private equity investments, banking, endowment management, higher education, board governance, technology, philanthropy, publishing, business development, marketing, research, church and marketplace ministry. The apostolic is his passion and raising up, equipping and releasing apostles and other five-fold leaders in the Seven Mountains of Culture is his mission. His board base of knowledge and experience, coupled with his influence and insight, converge in his role as General Editor for this seminal work. He is a bridge builder, connector, convener, network leader and both serial and social entrepreneur.