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A King is Coming
A King is Coming by Paul Wilbur

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Author: Paul Wilbur
Format: Paperback
Length: 138 Pages
Published: 2017

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What if I told you there is a reason for the increased terrorism, anti-Semitism, and anti-God climate of today? Is there a connection between these events and our cultural changes? How do we sift through all the political correctness polluting our world and stand up for what is biblically correct?

Through all the haze, where is the hope? How do we worship through these perilous times? All the signs point to one truth . . . A King is Coming!

Having traversed the world for forty years and leading worship in over seventy-five nations, Paul Wilbur brings a unique perspective on how the world is changing and why it increasingly disregards and abhors biblical teachings. Come discover:
  • The war raging over our minds and over Israel
  • How to navigate in an anti-Semitic and anti-Christian World
  • Replacement theology and its destructive path
  • How to worship in the midst of crisis
  • Key strategies for living a fruitful and victorious life and much more!

Table of Contents:
Foreword by Chuck D. Pierce
Chapter 1: The War Over Our Minds and Over Israel
Chapter 2: A Planet in Crisis – Past the Tipping Point?
Chapter 3: The Usurper Who Would be King
Chapter 4: From the River to the Sea
Chapter 5: Changing Values: Political Correctness vs. Biblical Correctness
Chapter 6: Will the Real Church Please Wake Up?
Chapter 7: Navigating in an Anti-Semitic and Anti-Christian World
Chapter 8: Continuance, Not Replacement
Chapter 9: His Great Name Will Prevail
Chapter 10: Worshiping in the Waiting Room
About the Authors


In A King is Coming, Paul Wilbur is calling the Church to be the Esther of our day, a people that will stand with God’s covenant family when all the nations are turning against her. The last great divide within the Church, the great apostasy, may center around this very issue: those who do not understand God’s heart for His Jewish people will be deceived by the world media and culture. Wilbur is urgently challenging the Church to take their stand.
Don Finto, Pastor Emeritus, Belmont Church, Nashville, TN

About the Author:
Paul Wilbur is an internationally-acclaimed worship artist, song writer, pastor, and award-winning author of Touching the Heart of God. For more than forty years, Paul has crossed the planet with guitar in hand, singing and declaring the praises of Yeshua (Jesus) the Messiah.